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iProv, LLC, is an MSP in Little Rock that works with a wide range of different verticals. They have been able to build a solid book of business with a friendly, honest and reliable approach, and a proactive approach to process development.

“I no longer have to question where to find information about something.”

The Problem

Driven by this proactive approach, they are constantly looking for ways to serve their customers better. The focus on process development led them to IT Glue as a means of improving some of the back end processes.

iProv’s Strategies Coordinator, Seth Phousongphouang, recognized an opportunity to streamline the documentation process while simultaneously ensuring 100% completion.

The Solution

After the implementation process, the value of IT Glue was quite evident to Seth and his team. To ensure optimal implementation, he built a training tool specific to iProv, which allowed his techs to start working in IT Glue right away.

“We knew which organizations we wanted syncing to IT Glue and knew quite a bit about what we wanted to find and where it should be.” Using flexible assets to tailor IT Glue to meet the needs of a company with a wide range of verticals allowed Seth’s team to get the most out of IT Glue.

“I no longer have to question where to find information about something.”

The Results

In just the first few months of using IT Glue, iProv had already identified several critical benefits, including enhanced visibility on missing documentation and the ability to audit assets on different levels. “The systems usage graph is pleasing to the eyes as it lets me see the progression of our utilization.”

IT Glue’s focus on standardization fits well with iProv’s philosophy. “You have a vision that is focused on a utopian idea, and you continuously move your company toward that vision.”

Streamlining the back end of documentation has allowed iProv to move towards perfecting its business as well.

Company: iProv, LLC
Location: Little Rock, AR
Founded: 2001
Employees: 7
IT Glue Partner since: 2017

How structured documentation helps a small MSP achieve its strategic vision.

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