Gold Coast IT Support (GCITS) made a name for itself by developing a script to sync Office 365 tenant info into IT Glue. We sat down with developer Elliot Munro to discuss the role of automation at GCITS and how the company uses IT Glue’s API to increase automated documentation.

Company: Gold Coast IT Support (GCITS)
Location: Gold Coast, QLD
Founded: 2015
Employees: 10
IT Glue Partner since: 2016

“We automate because we have to. In order to deliver the level of service that we’re selling, and to implement the policies we offer across all customers, we have to automate.”

The Challenge

Elliot Munro first appeared on our radar when he released a script for syncing Office 365 tenant information into IT Glue. Needless to say, that script proved incredibly popular with our partner base. Munro has since became rather famous here at IT Glue for his work automating the O365 integration with IT Glue. As it turns out, there is a fantastic story here for any MSP.

Gold Coast IT Support (GCITS) was born when three technicians running one-man shops came together in 2015. Since the beginning, GCITS had a vision for how they wanted to run a managed services business, a vision influenced by the years of experience the co-founders had in the business. That vision is of a modern MSP driven by automation.

The Solution

If you’re a growing MSP, there’s two ways to fuel that growth. One is by increasing manpower, and the other is by increasing productivity. GCITS has chosen the productivity route, and to facilitate that, Elliot serves as a full-time developer. This may seem counterintuitive to some, to have a full-time developer in a company of 8 people, but there’s a strong logic here.

Elliot’s job as developer is to automate as many tasks as possible. “We try to automate everything in the business. To do that, we try to document as much as we can. We have a lot of flexible assets, some of which are updated 2-3 times per day.”

“We automate because we have to. In order to deliver the level of service that we’re selling, and to implement the policies we offer across all customers, we have to automate. The other reason we focus on automation is to offer things to our customers that other MSPs can’t offer.”

The Results

Working with IT Glue’s API proved easy for Elliot. “You start by asking yourself if you can get the information you want. If you can, then you see if you can match it in IT Glue with a flexible asset. If not, you build the flexible asset. Once that’s done, the actual implementation is straightforward.”

(Protip: Even API noobs can get the hang of building integrations quickly, using our Knowledge Base tutorials).

The result – a lean, efficient MSP that brings multiple competitive advantages to every sales call. The amount of automation makes it easier to promise customers things that other MSPs simply cannot match, and that makes it easier for GCITS to stand out in a competitive marketplace. The emphasis on automation is, based on everything we know about the MSP space, the way of the future.

As a huge IT Glue fan, Elliot does a lot of work involving our API, which we then love to share on our social media feeds. That being said, there’s so much more that he does that any forward-thinking MSP can benefit from, so we cannot recommend strongly enough that you follow Elliot’s work on the GCITS blog and on LinkedIn.



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