Doc Tech provides managed IT, cybersecurity, cloud and VoIP phones. After struggling to keep their documentation up to date with spreadsheets and Word documents, Doc Tech started looking for a documentation tool that could provide centralized access to their documentation with updated information. Keep reading to learn how IT Glue provided Doc Tech the structure, flexibility, and integrations they needed to take their operations to the next level.

Company: Doc Tech
Location:  Albuquerque, NM

“The fewer clicks it takes to do things, the better. IT Glue helps our techs be more efficient.”
– — Jared Smith, CEO, Doc Tech

The Challenge

When Doc Tech added IT services to their core services — print, copy and scan dealership — they still used spreadsheets and Word documents for their documentation needs. In this environment, keeping up-to-date information was a significant challenge for Doc Tech since there was no proper version history to identify when someone last updated a document.

Besides the inaccurate and outdated information, the company also struggled with providing centralized access to their technicians. Without a shared documentation tool, there was no single source of truth, and every technician had their version of the documents.

Moreover, digging deep for information or re-creating documents whenever needed led to time waste and inefficiency. The company’s CEO Jared Smith, a system engineer by trade, realized that it would be difficult to grow without structured documentation.

Doc Tech considered using Confluence but realized it wasn’t built for an IT service provider. They needed a robust tool that met all their documentation needs and was best suited for their business model.

The Solution

IT Glue provided the structure and flexibility that Doc Tech needed to build their documentation infrastructure. The Related Items feature in IT Glue and the smart structure and layout of the solution made documentation easily accessible for everyone in the organization.

Since IT Glue is a solution built with standardization and multitenancy in mind, Doc Tech can customize their documentation to the specific needs of each client without disrupting the information flow. It also gave them a baseline on how and what to document, with a pre-built layout for every asset they document so that no critical details get missed. 

IT Glue’s smart IT structure offered multiple advantages by combining everything in one place, including passwords, SOPs, hardware information and other asset details. Finding information has become more accessible than ever, with the Related Items feature automatically bringing together linked assets. Technicians can now see related passwords and SOPs for any asset they are viewing, even if they weren’t the ones who documented them.

Doc Tech leveraged the password management functionalities in IT Glue to consolidate all client passwords in a secure platform right next to the rest of their IT documentation. The company can now keep track of all the changes to their assets, passwords and documents with the help of Activity Logs. This allows technicians to easily identify outdated information simply by seeing if something hasn’t been updated in a long time.


With IT Glue, Doc Tech took their documentation to the next level with smart integrations that automate daily tasks, improving business operations without additional work. Doc Tech is leveraging the following integrations in IT Glue: 

  • Datto RMM: The password insertion feature in Datto RMM allowed Doc Tech to login into a device without revealing the credentials to the technician. This proved crucial for devices with passwords that users must protect from other users and administrators.
  • ConnectWise Manage: IT Glue’s integration with their PSA tool, ConnectWise Manage, allowed Doc Tech’s technicians to view all the ticket information on one screen and look up old tickets directly in IT Glue, providing more options to find documentation.
  • Microsoft 365: IT Glue’s integration with Microsoft 365 allows them to sync all tenant info into their everyday documentation system for increased efficiency.
  • Datto BCDR: Without logging into the Datto BCDR portal, Doc Tech could monitor all Datto BCDR backup information directly in IT Glue.

The Results

Doc Tech leveraged many of IT Glue’s core features, including Related Items, standardized structure for documentation and deep workflow integrations, to reduce the number of clicks in everyday tasks. Jared Smith stated, “The fewer clicks it takes to do things, the better. IT Glue helps our techs be more efficient.”

From an operational standpoint, this gave the company more insights into how people utilize their systems. Moreover, it keeps their security posture aligned with business and client goals.

Doc Tech could easily document each client they manage, customize documentation as needed per client and maintain a standardized process for delivering the best service.



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