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Dechra Pharmaceuticals is a global specialist in veterinary pharmaceuticals. Read how Dechra was able to use IT Glue to achieve peace of mind with regards to password hygiene, while simultaneously helping its techs be more efficient, no matter their location.

“In the end, we decided to go with IT Glue because the team unanimously just liked IT Glue much better than the other solutions we were considering. IT Glue offered the solution we needed without being convoluted.”

The Challenge

Eric Gunby, Senior System Administrator, along with his team of six, supports the IT needs of the six North American locations of Dechra Pharmaceuticals. They needed a documentation and asset management solution that was not only reliable but easy to use as well. Previously, his team always used file shares and Excel spreadsheets for documentation, which would inevitably get messy quickly. Not only was it an unsafe option to store passwords and other sensitive information, it also made it difficult to access data off-network or while they were on the go.

“We were concerned that if people left the company, they would be able to just copy the Excel spreadsheets we were storing our data in, especially for passwords and login credentials. Then, it’d be easy for them to just have those in their personal document folder, completely unencrypted,” shared Eric.

The Solution

IT Glue was originally created for MSPs to solve their documentation challenges and quickly become a gold standard. However, it has quickly become the solution for in-house IT as well since the same challenge of information sprawl prevails. As Eric said, “We were working with a third-party MSP for telecom support and they used IT Glue, and we quickly realized that it’d be useful for us as well.”

For the IT team at Dechra, going with IT Glue was an easy decision. “In the end, we decided to go with IT Glue because the team unanimously just liked IT Glue much better than the other solutions we were considering. IT Glue offered the solution we needed without being convoluted,” shared Eric.

The Results

When Eric’s team first started using IT Glue, they saw value right away even with just their assets and passwords documented. But they know IT Glue is more than that and will also be automating their domain tracking and licensing documentation as well.

Not only can the entire team access IT Glue even when they are away from their desk, they only have one solution to reference. Eric said, “Now our team has only one place to reference versus what was previously scattered in 18 different places, and the best thing about IT Glue is the ability to link items and see how other assets are related. In addition, having MFA in IT Glue is a big deal because we know it’s secured and the team can easily log in and access IT Glue anywhere.”

Company: Dechra Pharmaceuticals
Location:  Northwich, United Kingdom
Founded: 1997
Employees: 1,753
IT Glue Partner since: 2022

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