As PNJ Technology Partners grew, they were forced to adopt more solutions to meet their growing needs. However, it was all too fragmented and complex.

That’s when they switched to IT Glue to streamline workflows and consolidate their documentation. IT Glue helped PNJ Technology Partners automate everyday processes and manage all their critical information from one place.

Company: PNJ Technology
Location: Albany, NY

“Flexible assets in IT Glue, for me, is a huge bonus. It helps us manage the assets that are visible to our clients”
– — Brian Kowalski, Level 2 Technician

The Challenge

The Need for a Robust Solution

PNJ Technology Partners struggled to find a solution that met their growing needs. They experimented with options like KeePass and PassPortal, which worked for a while. However, their documentation was still fragmented and difficult to manage. Client information was stored in separate documents and pdfs, making it challenging for them to keep their documentation up to date. PassPortal didn’t allow them to link all their crucial information to one another, impacting their efficiency. With their business constantly evolving, they recognized the need for a more robust solution.

The Solution

IT Glue Helps Maintain the Growth Trajectory

IT Glue helped PNJ Technology Partners meet their unique needs.

“Having Glue in the name indicated the main purpose of this solution — to relate documents, passwords, configurations, and more. I immediately recognized that IT Glue made it easy to find all our information.” Brian Kowalski, Level 2 Technician

Out of the gate, PNJ saw the value of our smart documentation solution.

To automate everyday processes at a deeper level, PNJ leveraged IT Glue’s native integrations with their PSA and RMM tools, Autotask and Datto RMM. They can now find the information they need to troubleshoot any problem about their users, devices and more, all in one place. With relationship mapping, they can view all the documentation related to any asset, which further enhances their productivity.

The keyboard shortcuts in IT Glue, one of Brian’s favourite features, allows their technicians to easily find and verify contacts and contextual information in seconds.

Moreover, with Flexible Assets in IT Glue, they can easily and quickly get an overview of their client’s entire environment at a glance. Information such as licenses and vendor details are all centralized in IT Glue, PNJ’s one source of truth.

The Results

PNJ Technology Partners Benefits From a One-Stop Solution

IT Glue helped PNJ Technology Partners streamline their workflows and consolidate their knowledge, assets and passwords in one documentation solution with deep integrations. By syncing critical information from their PSA and RMM solutions directly in IT Glue, they can get time back, respond to tickets faster, increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

IT Glue is helping PNJ Technology Partners grow rapidly and meet their objectives. Discover how our industry-leading solution can help your business too by scheduling a demo.


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