The ArcLight Group provides a wide range of Managed IT Services to clients in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded just over 15 years ago, the company works with organizations in all industries ranging from healthcare to small businesses. ArcLight is a security-centric managed service provider that is CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) certified and focuses on providing reliable systems with high productivity and uptime, which is at the forefront of everything they do.

Company: ArcLight Group
Location: Tulsa, OK
IT Glue Partner since: 2015

“It’s important to be able to document your data and as you go, have the ability to continue to change it and update it so you can work more efficiently.”

The Challenge

The primary issue faced by ArcLight was disorganized documentation due to the use of many different tools that did not integrate or flow well together. This led to significant time waste when accessing information required on a daily basis.

The company wanted a solution that would integrate with the rest of its tool stack including ConnectWise Automate and Manage, Liongard, Duo and Microsoft. For flat files and information storage, ArcLight’s go-to was Evernote as well as Microsoft Word, which are both unsafe places to store sensitive data like passwords and other user details.

To share information with various members of the team, the company relied on OneDrive. While these solutions may work for some, they were simply not up to the high standards that ArcLight was aiming for when it came to security and productivity.

“The way we were documenting things before meant we had to manually track and manage everything in our client’s IT environments. That just got overwhelming,” said Brian Largent, CEO of ArcLight.

The Solution

By switching to IT Glue, ArcLight eliminated the need to go into different systems and applications that contained different information for each of their clients. The system administrator at the company fell in love with the solution. Everyone at ArcLight soon realized the significance of the tool, from the IT department to service desk.

“It’s important to be able to document your data and as you go, have the ability to continue to change it and update it so you can work more efficiently,” says Brian. ArcLight can now do this in IT Glue as it consolidates information silos and ensures there is no need for transfer of knowledge. With IT Glue, their most important data is localized in one place in an intuitive way that benefits both their own teams and their clients.

IT Glue also provides flexible security settings to fit everyone’s needs. This allows ArcLight to control permissions and the type of documentation every person can access so that junior technicians cannot access confidential information that is intended only for senior management. Also, ArcLight has made great use of IT Glue’s features such as revision history and activity logs that allow the company to see past changes to passwords and any IT documentation.

A crucial component of IT Glue for ArcLight’s team is automation through smart integrations. The company can now integrate with the rest of its tool stack and ensure there is just one source of truth for all its data. Seamless data flow between their PSA, Liongard, and other tools such as Microsoft enabled ArcLight to maximize productivity and improve various business processes in their daily operations.

The Results

“Going with IT Glue was a big change, and as with any change, if you stick with it, it will pay off in the long run,” said Brian.

IT Glue helped ArcLight achieve documentation bliss and provide top-quality service to clients of all sizes from various industries. By enabling ArcLight to have a streamlined process of setting up its clients’ IT infrastructures, IT Glue made it easy and efficient to maintain and update the infrastructures of ArcLight’s clients in the long term.

IT Glue is the solution that allowed ArcLight to continue growing without being restricted. Most importantly, IT Glue supported ArcLight in expanding their business while continuing to provide top-quality support through documentation automation and consolidation.


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