IT Glue and Wise-Sync Webinar: Fatten the Bottom Line with Lean Processes

BY IT GLUE | January 12, 2017

IT Glue™ and Wise-Sync hosted an amazing webinar, “Fatten your Bottom Line: Lean Processes and Waste Reduction for MSPs”, on January 11th, 2017. Wise-Sync’s Paul MacNeill and Adam Mihaly from IT Glue ran down some of the best practices that your MSP can adopt, based on lean principles, to improve your bottom line.

Paul MacNeill brought his expertise on lean processes and MSP accounting, and Adam Mihaly presented on waste reduction and cost savings. There is no time like the start of a new fiscal year to get your financial house in order.

The webinar is now available for viewing, by clicking the link below.

Paul MacNeill is the founder and technical visionary behind Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay, the top-rated cloud accounting and payment integration on the ConnectWise Marketplace, with over 100 five-star reviews. A world-renowned ConnectWise billing expert, Paul is often called upon to work with larger, complex accounting structures.

Over 13 years ago, Paul started Virage IT, providing IT consulting services to the accounting and professional services industry. Paul played a pivotal role in the development of Virage IT, until it was acquired by PowerNet Group in October 2016. An author and a keynote speaker, Paul has delivered projects for CPA Australia, including the successful implementation of a number of supporting applications and systems for their $20M Events Business unit. Other high profile clients have included Hansen Beverages (Monster Energy), Aviva Australia, and Franklyn Scholar (Kaplan), and a wide range of SMEs.

Adam Mihaly is a Senior Account Executive at IT Glue. While most 10 year olds were attending school, Adam was degreasing CNC machines and learning to weld in his father’s oil company. His father handed down the value of hard work and basic mechanical principles from a very early age, which spurred Adam’s hunger for knowledge of all things technical. With a degree in Finance & Accounting, Adam joined Fully Managed, Western Canada’s top MSP, as its Senior Accountant.

When it came time for Fully Managed to spin out its documentation platform as IT Glue, CEO Chris Day tapped Adam to be the first employee. After playing an instrumental role in bringing IT Glue to market, Adam continues to drive the growth of IT Glue in the MSP business as the company’s Senior Account Executive. After working with thousands of MSPs globally, he possess a wealth of knowledge from which MSPs can benefit.

Thousands of MSPs rely on IT Glue every day to act as a central hub for all the information that they need to serve their clients and staff. IT Glue gets information out of your team’s heads, and stores it in a place where everyone in the organization can easily access it. Improve efficiency with IT Glue, boosting your ROI and enhancing your margins by eliminating waste.

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