Why Network Documentation Software is Essential in 2021

BY IT GLUE | December 01, 2020

Did you know that 60% of MSPs still document their clients’ networks manually?

Physical audit of network infrastructure was a challenging and time-consuming process at the best of times.  The pandemic has only added several new layers of complexity. You have to deal with remote workers, rotational shift workers, and on top of that, site walks are a potential health hazard.

With the situation likely to carry on in 2021, it is time to minimize site visits and replace it with regularly updated network documentation. It’s the only way to make sure you’re billing correctly and securing client environments properly.

Effectively deal with the security threats posed by remote work

The shift to remote work has made businesses more vulnerable to breaches and security threats. To effectively deal with these threats, you need to document every device, including hidden ones, connected to your network. Only then would you be able to secure the environment from external and internal threats.

Manage rotational shift workers with minimum fuss

We are already seeing companies opening up their premises and allowing employees to work in rotational shifts. If you thought the devices on client networks changed a lot before, now you know it’s guaranteed new devices every single day. That means your manual network documentation and diagrams are out of date. However, you can eliminate this problem with proper network documentation.

Save your technicians from site walks

With the pandemic raging on, technicians should be minimizing site walks or physical audits. It is a health risk. Instead, by using network documentation solutions, technicians will be able to do just about everything from discovering all the devices on clients’ networks to documenting them remotely.

Achieve more billing precision

These are challenging times for everyone. You can’t afford to undercharge anyone or take on more work than initially agreed for. A robust network documentation solution can help prevent such incidents. It discovers and documents every user and device on each client’s network. Continuously updated network documentation facilitates billing precision, even when the devices on the network change daily.

The network documentation solution that you should go for

Network Glue. It solves every challenge listed above and many more.

Once you install Network Glue, the software automatically detects every device connected to a network and documents them on IT Glue. That’s not all, it routinely updates the device information and generates a comprehensive network diagram that dynamically updates itself.

Whether it is troubleshooting network issues or securing remote connections, your team will be able to handle it seamlessly, no matter where they are.

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“We have only deployed Network Glue on 5 clients so far, but we saw the value right away. Within a day, we have complete, live network diagrams that are a living representation of their system. This has already helped us identify some issues and anomalies that we can do further research on.”

Frank J. Hannaford, CoreTech, Omaha NE

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