Why Focus on IDaaS?

BY IT GLUE | December 12, 2017

We’ve talked about Identity-as-a-Service quite a bit this year, and you might be wondering where this fits into your business. There’s actually quite a few reasons why you should be looking at IDaaS, and they align with the overall strategic direction of the MSP industry.


In our last blog post, we talked about how people are moving towards cloud-based applications, and how this move has created a proliferation of passwords. IDaaS helps solve a lot of problems related to password hygiene, but removing the need for people to remember dozens of passwords. Furthermore, people want access to their apps across a range of devices, which makes authentication that much trickier. Because IDaaS makes life easier for the end user, it is becoming a service increasingly in demand.


IDaaS eliminates some of the issues with using passwords to authenticate. When combined with multi-factor authentication, IDaaS offers an alternative to reliance on passwords that is not only more secure, but is better for the end user as well. IDaaS + MFA eliminates the one-password hack AND the poor password hygiene that leads to the one-password hack.

Productivity & Stickiness

One of the biggest trends in the MSP business right is to transition from companies seeing IT as a cost center to them seeing IT as a profit center. If you can offer your customers something that makes them more productive, you are helping them increase their profitability. MSPs are evolving into more of a trusted IT advisor, or even a CIO type of role, entering into strategic partnership with their clients. This allows for the MSP to transform from being a company that is replaceable, to one that is irreplaceable, adding significant and unique value to the service you provide.


Obviously you have the ability to set your pricing structure in a way that allows you to capture additional revenue for each thing that you provide to your client. But the revenue side is more than just that; when you make your service stickier, you reduce churn and that allows you to grow more quickly. If that’s not enough, you also will have happier clients who can become evangelists, providing you with powerful ammunition for your marketing efforts.

IDaaS is by no means the only pathway to achieving this end goal. But the high demand for IDaaS functionality makes it one of the better opportunities in the space and a good starting point for building in addition revenue and productivity-enhancing service. To find out more about how to build revenue and improve your business profitability, drop us a line:

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