What is MyGlue?

BY IT GLUE | May 08, 2018

By now you’ve probably heard about MyGlue, but you might still have questions about it. The first question most people have is a pretty simple one: What is MyGlue?

The answer: MyGlue is an application within the IT Glue ecosystem that helps small businesses secure their passwords and increase business efficiency. You, the MSP, deploy MyGlue to your clients.

Password Vault

The core functionality of MyGlue is as a password vault. The same password functionality that MSPs love in IT Glue is now available in MyGlue. Why is this amazing?

  • Centrally store team-based passwords
  • Hide passwords from shoulder surfers
  • Automatically generate strong passwords
  • Control who has access to each password

Sharing passwords by any means – email, Post-Its, whatever – is unsafe. Your clients can store them centrally and grant viewing permission on a need-to-know basis. Then, their team can view the password wherever, whenever, including on the road. That’s the power of MyGlue’s password vault.


The Documents feature of MyGlue is a powerful means of creating and storing documentation of all types. The most common uses are SOPs, training and administrative materials, standard contracts, and workflow diagrams. These documents can be accessed by anyone on your client’s team, and they’ll have full control over who has permission to view them.

Contacts & Locations

MyGlue allows your clients to document contacts and locations fully. One of the coolest things about MyGlue is the relationship mapping feature, which will allow your clients to link people, places, and the tasks that need to be performed. It’s a new way of creating visibility for how their organization works. As an MSP that uses IT Glue, you are already familiar with how this works and how intuitive the entire thing is.

Download the App

The MyGlue password vault is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you’ve purchased your MyGlue seats, you and your clients can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Available from your IT Service Provider

MyGlue is not sold directly to small businesses. MyGlue is available from your IT service provider. If you are interested finding out more about MyGlue, please check out www.itglue.com/myglue

For MSPs

Managed Service Providers interested in providing MyGlue to their clients should contact IT Glue directly to find out more.

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