Vancouver is quickly becoming a hub for high tech companies and as a result there is a growing software developer community. We were keen to catch up with some of the great minds in the neighbourhood which made us believe nothing would be better than a little open house party here at the brand new IT Glue™ office. With more than 40 guys and gals coming to join us for the evening we had a great time sharing stories, beer and pizza. The vistors took the time to tour our new office, frequent our inhouse pub and spend time with the #GlueCrew learning a little more about what we do here. Thanks to everyone that stopped by. We look forward to another catch up in the near future.

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Dave Goldie, VP Sales, IT Glue, always keen to share a beer!

Tom Sopwith, Partner Success Manager, IT Glue, switched hats and revealed some insider knowledge about our product

The #GlueCrew welcomes Vancouver developers to chat about industry trends and our office life

Hanging out at the Kraken Arms Pub