Creating and Sharing Technical Documentation

BY IT GLUE | December 08, 2020

You may have heard of technical documentation software before — but how does it help exactly?

Consider two scenarios: one where you have all the information you need to operate a piece of technology or solve a client problem, and another where you have to collect that information manually from multiple sources. Obviously, the former is preferable since it allows you to get started and navigate around roadblocks without wasting any time. Now, to build a central hub of information like that, you’ll need a technical documentation software.

A robust technical documentation software enables you to create, host and manage all your documentation, regardless of whether it’s your knowledge base, Standard Operating Procedures or API routes. But it doesn’t end there. The solution should also be able to make documentation simpler, less time consuming and easy to access.

If you are looking around for a technical documentation solution, look no further than IT Glue. Here’s why.

1. Importing documentation is a breeze

You can achieve documentation efficiency only if you manage to house all documents, both existing and new ones, under one roof. IT Glue makes this a breeze. Its MS Word integration and Lucidchart integration allows users to upload all their files in a single click. You don’t have to process files individually, handle complex text processors or perform unnecessary file conversions.

2. Make documents easily accessible

Imagine a scenario where a technician reaches out for help and you respond by sharing a link with all the necessary instructions, enabling them to respond to client issues faster. Well, IT Glue makes this a reality. It acts as a central repository of information that is accessible to everyone. Moreover, you can modify accessibility settings for all your staff.

3. Help your clients be self-reliant

Although every business strives to be there for their clients, sometimes it just isn’t possible. You need to empower your clients to troubleshoot independently. A powerful technical documentation tool will help you do just that. MyGlue (a part of the IT Glue bundle) lets you share read-only SOPs and other documents with your clients. Moreover, it allows your clients to create and share documents internally in a secure (SOC Type 2 Certified) manner.

Wrapping up 

That was just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there’s more to IT Glue than meets the eye. It also lets you automate your technical documentation, manage and keep your documentation up to date with a visibility tool, gamify documentation, and add screenshots and charts to your documents. 

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