Ship-It Day for the #GlueCrew

BY IT GLUE | July 08, 2016

The premier of the IT Glue™ Ship-It Day was a great success, members of the development and design team came together in a Freeing Minds™ exercise to work in teams and create anything that inspired them! Modeled on the concept made popular by so many great SaaS providers: Atlassian, Xero and Unbounce; IT Glue decided it was time to let the team have fun, reinvent and show that design matters.

Let the battle commence

The “game was on” between the two competing teams Raging Rabbits and Team Zissou, nothing like some friendly competition to add to the fun.

The rules were simple:

  • each team had a fair mix of skill levels and included one of our talented in house designers
  • they had one full work day to complete the project (however a holiday weekend meant those that were keen could make some further revisions in their own time)
  • presentation to an independent panel the following week

Team Zissou developed an application called Deep Sea Glue, designed for new hires to easily define the steps to follow when first joining IT Glue. The app provides a form for new employees to fill out their personal information then introduces them to the #GlueCrew in a fun and interactive way.

Team Zissou presents their onboarding app to the judging panel: Can you spot the third teammate Josh?

The #GlueCrew buzzing around the office all day to finish off their projects

Raging Rabbits built a collaborative note taking app called GlueStick. It allows multiple people to work on a note at the same time and view changes made by others in real time, using awesome WebSockets technology.

Team Zissou scored 69.5 based on technical difficulty, innovation, demonstration of IT Glue Core Values and general awesomeness. Raging Rabbits were able to better this score with a total of 71 points!

 And the award goes to…The Raging Rabbits with their Glue Stick app! For great innovation and higher scores for technical difficulty. 

Chris Day, CEO of IT Glue, Neil Belenkie, Chief Business Officer at IT Glue and Andrew McLean, Director of IT for Joey’s Restaurants, were excited to evaluate the performance of both teams and gave away the highest points for general awesomeness. They were blown away by the teams creativity and effort:

“It was amazing to see the collaboration, and such incredible innovation from only one day’s efforts!” – Chris Day, CEO of IT Glue.

The IT Glue teams excited to hear the judging panels decision, from left to right: Jordan Zhang, Developer, Sarah Ippen, Graphic Designer, Alex Sanudo, Developer, Guramrit Singh, UX/UI Design Lead and Hanson Do, QA Test Automation

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