Purchasing IT Glue: A Partner Case Study

BY IT GLUE | July 12, 2016

IT Glue™ partner Jordan Silva, Director of Technical Services at Integration Technologies Inc., was in search of a suitable documentation management solution for his MSP. After carefully looking into other available solutions he took the leap and jumped into a trial with IT Glue,  here is his evaluation 45 days post implementation.

IT Glue – A 45 Day Review

IT Glue has been on the “shiny and cool toys” list for a lot of MSPs lately. If I am honest, I struggled making the leap. The demos look like many other documentation management solutions and when I checked them out at IT Nation in 2015, I really just wasn’t sold. However, a few months went by and I still didn’t have a document management solution I was happy with. We had tried Nilear, because in concept, the ConnectWise tools are awesome, but in practice, it was too slow and did not give us the solution we were looking for.

So looking for further proof, I went hunting for anyone who could sell me on this tool. I found a good video of an MSP who was doing a rundown of their “stack” and part of it was IT Glue. From that point on I was sold.

1. Customizable solution

The single best feature any tool can have, in my opinion, is the ability to acknowledge they don’t have the answer to everything!  IT Glue have included a way for people to build in what they want. IT Glue has lots of cool default things, but using only default configs doesn’t make you great at what you do — it makes you average. So step one for us was tearing into the defaults, changing what we felt would not work for us and building it in a way that would. Simple stuff, like custom fixed assets to make data more readily available, adding/removing fields, changing what fields mean or are linked to, etc.


Our Process: 

  • I spent some time (okay, a lot of time) reviewing and aligning everything with what I thought we wanted and developed standards for how to enter data.
  • We then had everyone come in on a Saturday so there would be no interruptions, we did a one-hour training session. After that, everyone picked a couple of clients they knew a lot about, and for the next 4 hours we sat as a group and filled in as much about those clients as we could.
  • My main focus during that period was to make on-the-fly changes to any formats we didn’t like, answer questions about how the data should be entered, and if there was ever a standard that was needed we would all pause, collaborate briefly, set the standard and move forward.
  • It got everyone engaged in the process, they took ownership as they had a say in implementation, and we started building momentum with getting client data into IT Glue

2. Creating a documentation culture

You need everyone in the company to buy in to the need to document and to feed the beast. You can set up all the syncs in the world, but without people feeding and relating the data, it’s not going to be useful. Get buy in, get people excited, incentivize feeding the beast, and get momentum. The dashboard is a great tool to base incentives on.

3. Related items are key

Relate things. Seriously, just do it. It takes time, it takes thought, but its totally worth it. If you aren’t doing this, you are just not going to reach the full potential of the tool.

4. Put everything in IT Glue 

Go all in with it, put all your information in here. Having multiple systems doing the same thing is pointless.

Overall, I am pretty happy so far. The implementation was easy enough, it is scalable, and the mobile interface is nice and it works well. There are some challenges, understanding their vision for how parts of the tool are used is key to getting the most out of it and there is still a lot of manual process. There is however lots of potential for growth, which is what excites me the most. I can see real potential in adding in other data sources and doing some real magic to make this tool amazing — and it seems like they are just as keen to get it there!

About the Author


Jordan Silva is Director of Technical Services at Integration Technologies, Inc. He is a process driven individual who enjoys using data to find areas of potential improvement and combining that with his passion for technology to increase efficiency in both, people and systems. With an extensive career in the IT industry, Jordan has a wealth of experience in evaluating, planning and leading implementation of service products within the MSP environment. He also brings a wealth of knowledge in Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, NIST, etc.) Audits and Reconciliation to the process.

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