IT Glue Product Update – 2022 Q1

BY IT GLUE | February 08, 2022

If the pandemic has taught us anything in the last two years, it is the need to be proactive and tackle new challenges as they come along. The year 2021 taught us many great lessons, most of which stressed the importance of upgrading our processes and toolboxes to manage all kinds of unknown threats and issues.

At IT Glue, we are committed to bringing our users new features and updates based on market trends and customer feedback. When it comes to innovative, secure and reliable documentation solutions, we’ve got your back.

Let’s check out some of the key IT Glue feature releases and enhancements we made in 2021 that can help you kickstart 2022 with a bang.


Your knowledge and customer information are the most valuable assets of your business. To protect these assets, you need to focus on security as a whole. For every software you buy, there are two layers of security:

  • The first layer is the Compliance & Security Framework and the security mechanisms that govern the solution. Choose where you store your sensitive data wisely.
  • The second layer is user-controller security measures. Ensure it has enterprise security measures, like MFA, SSO, IP access control and others, that you can enable to further secure your data.

IT Glue is proud to have solid security fundamentals like SOC 2 Type II compliance, a strong password policy, and data and knowledge security mechanisms that can be easily adjusted to your needs.​

Some of our key security enhancements include the following:

Vault for Quick Notes

Vault is a host-proof hosting feature that we launched last year that gives you total control over your encryption and decryption process. With this, you can get complete control over the decryption and encryption of your passwords and quick notes.

IP Access Control

You can now have complete control over who can access IT Glue by allowing IP ranges (or individual IPs) to sign in to your IT Glue account.

API endpoint for Activity Logs

Today, an average MSP uses about 12 different tools. Activity monitoring in each tool is cumbersome when done manually. To simplify this, many of you use your own Security Information and Event Management tools that allow you to concentrate activity logs data from multiple sources in one centralized location.

The API endpoint for activity logs available in IT Glue will help you monitor IT Glue activity logs in your preferred tool. We will also be introducing an API endpoint for account data backup pretty soon.

Security myITchecklists

It is time to align your business process and security posture with industry standards. You can now deploy and utilize out-of-the-box checklists without the need for an advanced IT team to build them out. Checklists include an incident response checklist, how to secure your documentation and passwords, and how to secure your IT Glue.


In a world of continuous uncertainty, keep your confidence and resilience in your back pocket by maximizing your team’s productivity and efficiency. This helps you put out the work you know you’re capable of, despite any external challenges.

Some of our key productivity enhancements include the following:

1. myITprocess checklists in IT Glue

Using a checklist is equivalent to successful process management for your business since it creates structure, makes your team members accountable for their daily routine and helps your executives in successful task delegation.

This helps your team members free up their time for more strategic work and building client relationships.​

Benefits of checklists in IT Glue:

  • Completed checklists in IT Glue keep important historical records in one centralized location.
  • With IT Glue checklists, you can link any relevant core or flexible IT Glue asset information to a checklist. This will enhance internal processes and the quality of your customer support.

Ability to copy checklist – Coming soon!

Assign checklist template to an organization – Coming soon!

2. Table of Contents

When technicians locate information faster, their resolution time can be lowered. This will help boost the productivity of your MSP or IT department. The new Table of Contents feature will help you swiftly navigate to a section of your document to access critical information and save time otherwise wasted looking through lengthy files.

3. Browser Password Autofill

This feature helps you automatically fill out the login fields based on passwords stored in IT Glue or MyGlue.

4. MyGlue and Network Glue Custom Roles

With custom roles, you can gain complete control over who can access administrative tasks. This ensures easy delegation to trusted technicians and easy access for collaboration and password management. Moreover, it is easier to automate network documentation and onboard new clients.

MyGlue Custom Roles – coming soon!


Automation is all about doing more with less. Staying competitive and on top of the game means setting yourself apart with technology and tools that are capable of ensuring the small stuff is taken care of, so you can focus on the big projects.

No one has time to waste. Make sure you make the most of your time by automating your documentation. You don’t have to play catch-up when your tools can keep you ahead of your competition.

1. Connect all your core tool

The reason IT Glue continues to heavily invest in integrations with other vendors is our confidence that a documentation platform should be open.​ In the case of integrations, IT Glue is the hub that connects your core tools and brings you all the information in one centralized view for you and your technicians.

IT Glue has all kinds of information streaming in from everything from Compliance to RMM to Microsoft data. So, the opportunity for streamlining and structuring is very strong here. Our new or updated integrations include Narmada, ServiceNow, Compliance Manager, O365, VSA, Evo security and Unitrends.

2. Automation in Network Glue

Network Glue is an automation engine that automates three main aspects:

  • Automated network documentation
  • Automated active directory documentation
  • Automated network diagrams

Some of the new features and updates we made in Network Glue include:

  • Statuses/awareness on the diagram
  • New Device notifications: Receive automated email notifications for any unmatched devices discovered by Network Glue, so you have the opportunity to add to your existing IT Glue documentation.
  • Switch port visibility: Now, under any IT Glue device, you can easily see anything the device is connected to, including other IT Glue configurations or even unknown devices picked up by Network Glue.
  • Network Glue currently supports on-premise AD contact and security group auto-documentation. We are happy to announce that Azure AD will be coming soon as well.

Client relationships

The break/fix model of running an MSP business has a low perceived value, and it is already outdated. In today’s competitive MSP market, it’s hard to differentiate your business with your service desk since there are thousands of other service providers who do the same. Even a small mistake could cost you dearly in terms of business opportunities.

Many MSPs have already recognized that becoming a true business partner to their clients can significantly strengthen your competitive position in the market.​

IT Glue can help you achieve that and more with the following new enhancements:

​1. MyGlue & myITprocess

Switching to a business partnership isn’t easy because you have to establish new processes that will facilitate client relationships and build your credibility as a business partner.​ MyGlue allows you to build relationships with your client through transparency and cooperation.

  • MyGlue offers your clients basic password management capabilities that will secure your clients’ personal and team-based passwords.
  • Your clients can now share their passwords easily and autofill and auto-create new passwords using a browser extension.​
  • It also lets you easily collaborate on any documentation with your clients as well as showcase your work and encourage self-service through Help Centre as a means of sharing read-only KB articles with them.

Also, myITprocess helps your team sell projects without really selling them.

2. myITprocess integration

With myITprocess, your team can push and negotiate strategic IT projects with your clients to help them prepare their budgets. MyITprocess will also help you structure your processes around technology review and alignment. This helps you to provide visibility to your clients around projects.

myITprocess now integrates with IT Glue to automate a repeatable audit process by allowing you to simply link IT Glue assets to relevant standard questions. ​Once linked, that configuration’s information will auto-update based on the latest updates coming from your favorite PSA or RMM tools.

  • myITprocess – Automatically link configurations or flexible assets.
  • BMS integration – Coming soon!
  • First version of Open API – Coming soon!

Documentation-first Service Desk

Customer demands are increasing in this digital age. Moreover, tickets are getting more complex and the volume of tickets is growing fast. Businesses are not just reliant on technology and IT for their business — they are dependent on it.

Knowledge and information need to be at the forefront for your technicians to be able to satisfy your customers’ demands efficiently and effectively. You can do that with the following service desk enhancements.

1. IT Glue live ticketing 

  • Create, view, assign, update and close a ticket in IT Glue or BMS.​
  • We have two views where tickets can be found. The traditional method — going into BMS (your PSA) — and now from your documentation solution, IT Glue.​
  • Technicians can now access tickets from BMS and/or IT Glue. Both interfaces have the same look and feel, in-line editing capabilities, and allow technicians to update and log time from either platform by adhering to their work practices.​

2. Auto-suggested IT Glue documentation in BMS tickets

Based on user-defined rules, existing IT Glue documentation will be automatically suggested in BMS tickets.

3. Never miss out on IT tickets

If a ticket doesn’t exist, it didn’t happen. When tickets are auto-created as and when an issue arises, you have no chance of missing out on them. Tickets are automatically created from other IT complete products:

  • myITprocess
  • Unitrends
  • ID Agent
  • BullPhlish
  • Compliance Manager
  • Vulscan


Being proactive is the only way to move ahead in the IT world. Our new product updates and enhancements can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors and tackle unknown issues.

To know more about the new enhancements in IT Glue, Network Glue or MyGlue request a demo.

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