Is Operating at 50% Good Enough for Your MSP?

BY IT GLUE | November 27, 2018

Would you be happy working at 50% productivity? Probably not, right. Nor would your clients, which is why it’s important to get things right the first time.

It’s Monday morning, and the CFO of one of your biggest clients just got a new computer. Your tech has just left the client site after doing the install. Your phone rings.

There’s no LOB software. The CFO uses Sage, but there’s no logins for Sage and roles for Sage reporting are not assigned. You look into it and realize that the CFO actually received a standard build, when special specs are required for that role. The CFO can only work to 50% capacity, or less, until these issues are resolved. This is not a pleasant conversation.

This type of scenario is one of the reasons why we built the checklists feature into IT Glue. Your tech’s work starts with the template checklist for the workstation install. If you build out your template ahead of time, this will allow your tech to know exactly which tasks need to be completed. In this scenario, there would be a task for installing Sage that was not checked off – and the tech would never have left the site without making sure that task was completed.

Deploy Workstation Screen Shot

The additional items are added to the checklist. Your tech works through them, and delivers exactly what the CFO needs. This is the difference that a checklist makes.

When you’re using IT Glue, you can work off a checklist, while documenting everything at the same time. You’re using related items to link the new PC with the location and contact. Soon you’ll have the warranty in IT Glue, and you’ll have the service call in your PSA.

Checklists help your team get it right the first time. If they already know how to complete a task, the SOP you wrote probably will sit collecting virtual dust. A checklist tells you what tasks need to be performed, and an SOP tells you how to perform each task. With both in place, a new tech can do this instal almost as well as a senior one.

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