Keeping Up with Your Next Gen Employees

BY IT GLUE | June 11, 2019

You don’t need to purchase several ping-pong tables to lure in the next gen staff, but you might have to make some other adjustments in your business.

Millennials for some time now have been all the rage in the workforce. You’ve heard the concerns, complaints, and the rebuttals, but even if you’re finally getting used to their role within the workforce (and you should be), the next generation of workers just keep on coming.

What does this mean for your business? Well due to both the fact that these new generations of young workers are soon going to be making up more and more of the overall workforce, along with the technology skills shortage the industry is facing, you’re going to want to make sure your MSP business can attract and retain these individuals.

The new generation

So who is this group of people that are sending you their job applications? Say hello to Generation Z. This generation is making their move into the workforce right about now, and while there are definitely some similarities between them and millennials, you also need to keep in mind the differences. Zers have a strong sense of individuality and social responsibility. If you think maintaining your new staff comes down to a boosted paycheck, you’re in for a shock. Rather, this generation, in some similar ways to millennials, is oftentimes found seeking purpose over pay.

While you might hear some half-jokes about younger workers and their desires for bean-bag chairs in the office, or ping-pong, it really comes down to seeking out a very specific kind of company culture. One that values flexibility and creativity, offering employees a sense of purpose and belonging that surpasses what financial gains can offer. Without purpose and belonging, the rest is just window dressing.

The technology skills shortage

Combine this new generation with the current technology skills shortage, and you’ve got a few things to consider. With the characteristics of younger workers in mind, what actionable steps can you take to attract them to your company, and keep them there for the long-haul? Here are a few strategies:

  • Consider having a plan for how your organization and staff can get involved and give back to the community
  • Really, truly, define your core values. Whatever your company believes in, don’t let it be vague
  • Define the ethical standards you operate by and don’t sway from them
  • Create an environment charged with transparency
  • Allow for flexibility, where possible, whether that’s flexible hours or work-from-home opportunities
  • Have meaningful conversations with younger workers to understand what affects their sense of purpose

These new workers also carry with them a great opportunity for your company. Generation Zers have grown up around technology more than any other generation. What better group of individuals than these to start trying to mend that skills gap? Help them, help you.

How can you keep up?

You can do all the research in the world about what these new employees need in your organization, but the best thing you can do is talk to them yourself. Ask them questions about whether they feel a sense of belonging or purpose at work. If they don’t, what do they need in order to find that? Having one-on-ones with your staff, and monthly meetings that showcase the direction of the company, will allow your staff to feel like they’re a part of whatever they’re doing.

Things like money and flexibility are factors that every employee considers – that likely won’t go away. But give your staff a sense of purpose in what they’re doing and you’ve created an even bigger reason for them to stay.

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