New Year’s Resolution: Documentation

BY IT GLUE | January 03, 2017

If the holidays are a time to reflect on last year, then January is a time to reflect on the coming year. There’s a reason why people adopt new year’s resolutions – this time of year, it feels like you’ve got a clean slate. So if you’re feeling non-committal about the gym thing, the diet thing,  the whole self-improvement thing, don’t worry. Here’s an easy resolution – start documenting!

Documentation is one of the easiest resolutions you’ll ever make. Once you start documenting your clients, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. Information is organized. Articles are linked. Our integrations allow you to bring data into IT Glue™ easily. And once you’re set up, the benefits really become apparent.


  • Shorter onboarding times for new hires and clients
  • Notifications of upcoming expiries
  • Sharing IT Glue data with third parties for around-the-clock support coverage
  • Junior techs that can handle any client
  • Everybody knows where everything is (no more shoulder-tapping!)
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • A scalable business
  • Better margins
  • A good night’s sleep, every night

By taking knowledge out of your team member’s heads and putting it where everybody can access it, you will find it easier to locate information. This means that junior techs can handle more calls. They’ll also hit their SLAs more often, too, because instead of looking for information for an hour, they’ll find it in a minute or two. When you’re not wasting time looking for information, you can turn your attention towards growing your business, knowing that new techs can be functional within days.

With everything you do being easier, maybe you’ll have more time for the gym after all.

Consider what Jonathan Broyles from CisCom Solutions had to say when asked about his decision to adopt IT Glue:

“Upon my start at CisCom, there were a couple issues that presented themselves and revolved around the fact that there was a lack of centralized documentation. We signed up for IT Glue and established a culture of documentation. Since then, we’ve been able to quickly document all of the need-to-know items for our clients. Additionally, IT Glue has enabled us bring on new technicians more quickly, giving them access to the resources they need to become successful quicker.”

“Words alone cannot describe the benefits that we’ve seen by using IT Glue. It is evident to me that IT Glue has the best interests of all partners in mind when they’re designing and deploying new features and functionality. It is also apparent that they’re enthusiastic about their work and they understand the problems that MSPs are facing. All of that considered, I am proud to say that we’re an IT Glue Partner, and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.”

The best part about making documentation your resolution is that you have an entire team at IT Glue standing behind you. When you sign up, just book a Getting Started session with a member of our Partner Success team and they will take you through the onboarding process and answer your questions. We have a wealth of other resources as well to help you improve your documentation, and help to build a documentation culture at your MSP.

If you’ve been thinking about documentation, start the year off right with an IT Glue trial. If you haven’t been thinking about documentation, take a look at our demo to find out more.

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