IT Glue’s New Powerful Checklists Feature Drastically Reduces Time Associated with Routine Tasks

BY IT GLUE | July 17, 2018

VANCOUVER, Canada – July 17, 2018 – IT Glue™, the world’s leading documentation platform, released its highly anticipated feature, Checklists, enabling the company’s MSP partners to create highly efficient checklists to help organize and track various routine tasks within the platform. Checklist templates can now be created to manage tasks used throughout all functions of a company, including setting up workstations, performing diagnostics site visits, onboarding and offboarding users and clients, gathering information for sales calls and much more.

“The new Checklists feature in IT Glue and MyGlue has cornerstone functionality that can unlock efficiency, productivity, standardization and the ability to deliver consistently great service in your IT organization or business,” said Luis Giraldo, VP, Product at IT Glue.

The Checklists feature allows MSP partners to complete tasks consistently, ensure all steps are completed, bring better organization to complex tasks, assign tasks to different people and reduce waste. The feature also delivers high transparency so management can see which tasks have been done and which have not and brings ease-of-use to process documentation. Checklists are also far easier to manage and are faster and more flexible than Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which tend to be more long-form in nature.

Using Checklists bridges the gap between so many tasks and so many team members, ensuring everyone understands the task and their role in getting the work done. It also keeps everyone accountable to promises made to clients, vendors and other team members.

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