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BY IT GLUE | March 02, 2020

If you’ve been using MyGlue to collaborate with your clients – and you probably should be – then we’ve got some pretty awesome news. Our mobile team has added a number of different asset types to the MyGlue mobile app, so you can now view flexible assets, configurations and locations, on top of view and edit passwords.

Since MyGlue was first launched, MSPs have been either offering it as a password management solution, bundling it as part of a Security-as-a-Service offering, or using it to collaborate with their clients, sharing important documents, and information about passwords and IT assets. For the client-side end users, having a direct pipeline to information from their MSP increases transparency and trust, not to mention reduces friction when it comes to getting important information.

Adding these three new asset types to the MyGlue mobile app only improves the quality of this collaboration, by adding new breadth to the types and amount of information that MSPs and their clients can share. Now, the client can access more assets on the go, via the MyGlue mobile app.

You already have all of the information documented in IT Glue. Why not share it with your clients to further deepen that relationship. For example, your client can check their inventory, password, or procedural documentation.

What MSPs Are Saying

“The power user, decision-maker or the CEO can modify the assignment of a PC or laptop, or update a password right from within MyGlue, and we see the latest updates instantly. When our managed services clients rely on the procedures and information that we have already documented instead of calling us, this not only saves us time but enables us to be more profitable.” – Frederic Marchand, U Logik

“The biggest success we have had with MyGlue is collaboration – especially with the on-site IT personnel. The ability for IT personnel to enter a password and have it shared instantly with us makes coordination that much easier. Our client’s IT personnel is almost like an extension to our team, so they are quite happy with this kind of collaboration.” – Stephen Moody, Greenloop

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