Network Glue Use Cases #5: Assessment and Onboarding

BY IT GLUE | September 27, 2019

Be honest—site visits are a hassle, albeit a necessary and important hassle.

While they function as an invaluable touchpoint with the client and the best opportunities to gain an accurate understanding of what’s happening on the ground, the drawbacks are many. It doesn’t help that site visits begin and end with a commute.

Network Glue has a profound impact on assessment and onboarding. This automated network discovery, documentation, and diagramming tool alleviates much of the grunt work that onsite technicians had to perform before.

Once installed, the Network Glue collector automatically detects devices on a client’s network, regardless of vendor, and pulls this information into IT Glue. This means that manual entries based on documentation made during site-walks are now done within mere keystrokes. Work that once took anywhere from 3 to 5 hours depending on the size of a network, is now done in minutes. What’s more is that Network Glue pulls this information into IT Glue regardless of whether an RMM agent has been installed on a machine.

When all this information is automatic, your technician can focus on building a relationship with the client, and can be sure the assessment and onboarding has been comprehensive and nothing has fallen through the cracks. Plus, having the network diagram allows you to analyze and describe to the client where network optimization can occur, showcasing your expertise from the very beginning.

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