Network Glue Use Cases #3: Blind Spots

BY IT GLUE | September 03, 2019

Life is full of blind spots, which can lead to some unfortunate blunders. Car accidents, scope creep, project delays, cost overruns, failed relationships…the list goes on. The unknown-unknowns can wreak havoc on your professional and personal life, but I have good news: You can now say goodbye to network blind spots.

Network Glue is an automated network discovery and documentation tool that introduces more benefits to your MSP than you might expect. While your technicians may be adroit at sleuthing out the nooks and crannies of a network, there may be components that elude even the most observant eye. Of course, the client themselves can be a useful resource for pointing you in the right direction, but let’s be real, IT infrastructure isn’t their area of expertise, and more often than not it’s like asking an aeronautical engineer to perform open heart surgery.

Once the Network Glue collector is deployed on a client’s network, every connected device is identified, documented in IT Glue, and presented in an easy to interpret visual diagram. You have full visibility and no longer have to wonder if there’s a device hiding in an unused conference room, or stashed above a ceiling tile. You have a complete and live representation of a client’s system.

When you have a complete picture and all the information you need at your disposal, identifying issues and anomalies can be done with ease. Spend less time manually mapping out networks, and more time impressing your clients with your ability to troubleshoot issues and have their IT infrastructure operating flawlessly.

Why not eliminate network blind spots, starting today?

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