Network Glue Use Cases #1 – Full Client Visibility

BY IT GLUE | August 13, 2019

At its core, Network Glue is an automatic network documentation tool, but the notable benefits don’t stop there. This new blog series will highlight the many types of benefits you can expect.

All of Your Clients

Network Glue is offered at a low flat fee, making it possible to deploy the network collector on all your clients’ networks. As a result, you have complete visibility over your entire client base, not just certain ones. Being able to drill into all the details of all your clients’ networks gives you a level of insight you may never have had before.

Automated Processes For the Win

The alternative to automation is manual processes. If you’re doing IP scans then storing the information in Excel, or just entering everything into IT Glue by hand, you know that there has to be a better way. Especially since manual methods mean that information is often out of date by the time it is documented, you aren’t going to document every client, and you probably won’t be able to document everything because you don’t have perfect visibility. Network Glue’s automated diagramming solves all of these problems.

We Can’t All Be Artists

Network diagrams are something most MSPs struggle with. We can’t all be artists, and working with diagramming software to create a visual representation of every client network is a huge ordeal. Drawing your own network diagrams can easily take multiple hours, and if any changes are made to the network, diagram updates require going back into the file to manually make changes. With Network Glue, this operation is automated and for all your clients.

When you have the granularities of all your clients’ networks documented, you can then offer the same level of service to your whole client base. Precision and efficiency become a baseline standard when delivering value to your clients.

This benefit of Network Glue only scratches the surface of how this tool can positively impact your MSP. Stay tuned for future blog posts elaborating on other areas of benefit you can expect from Network Glue.

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