National Computer Security Day: Having the Security Talk with Your Clients

BY IT GLUE | November 27, 2018

Of course your clients care about their security, but do they know that you’re not the only one responsible for providing it? While security is at the forefront of your business practices, it may not always be for your clients. With National Computer Security day approaching on November 30th, there’s no better time than now to ensure you’re having the security conversation with your clients.

Practice what you preach

Before you start discussing computer security with your clients, make sure your own security practices are well ingrained into your MSP’s culture. In short, your clients can’t learn the benefits of something like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) if it’s not something you’re already taking advantage of, too. This is a perfect time to look into how computer security is practised throughout your whole organization, before diving into the role security has in your clients’ office.

Ask important questions

When was the last time you talked with your clients about what their own computer security practices are? You won’t ever know the answer unless you ask. So discuss important questions, like where do they store their passwords, and do they ever share them over email with other colleagues? Not only does this give you a better picture of what their security is like, but it also shows your clients that you’re invested in their organization, too.

Your questions shouldn’t be limited to password hygiene either. This is also a great opportunity to discuss if they leverage any apps or technologies that you aren’t already aware of. Shadow IT can cause a lot of vulnerabilities for your clients’ security, and discussing it can be a sure step towards prevention.

Offer best practices

Okay, so maybe your clients’ computer security habits aren’t as great as you thought they were. You’re the expert here, so give them ideas on what steps they can take to step up their security game. For example, what kinds of passwords should they be creating? Again, doing so not only protects their organization but strengthens the relationship you have with your clients.

Collaborate in MyGlue

No, MyGlue is definitely not just another password vault. It’s so much more than that. By giving your clients MyGlue you give them a tool that creates a consistent mode of communication between you and your client, and allows you to collaborate with one another.

It goes both ways, too. While you can share specific passwords or processes with your clients to reduce the amount of say, password reset tickets required, they can also share information with you, giving you visibility into some of the apps and devices that they use, that you might not otherwise know about.

With National Computer Security Day just a couple days away, remember: it’s not only the perfect time to discuss your clients’ security, but it’s a perfect time to discuss how MyGlue is going to help.

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