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BY IT GLUE | July 16, 2018

Do you like getting things done? Feels good, right? Well, if you like getting things done then you probably like checklists, and love the new IT Glue Checklists feature because now you can build your own checklists inside your favorite documentation solution.

But you know who else benefits from using Checklists? Your clients. That’s why we’ve made Checklists a part of MyGlue. Rolling out MyGlue has, to this point, been mainly about focusing on the password vault aspect of the product. And make no mistake, that is a powerful value proposition. But we built Checklist functionality into MyGlue specifically for you to use it to help sell the value of MyGlue to your partners. How? It’s an entirely new feature being added to MyGlue at no extra cost.

So what are your clients currently using to organize their workflow? Some might have a tool they like, but a lot of them just sort of wing it. Or they rely on routine. Or, in many cases, you might not really know. Have that conversation with them. Ask them how they structure their work. Your smaller clients in particular likely stand to see significant operational efficiency gains from the structure that checklists provide, because a lot of smaller companies often struggle with process consistency.

So we invite you to learn more about checklists in general, and to give IT Glue Checklists a test drive. Then, when you’re talking to your clients about MyGlue, you’ll be as enthusiastic a checklist evangelist as we are, and this give you even more ammunition with which to sell MyGlue.

To help you learn more about IT Glue checklists, click here.

At IT Glue we are committed to the principle that when our partners succeed, we succeed. So we want to do what we can to make your MSP the best possible. That means providing you with a constant flow of product upgrades and value-added services, a Knowledge Base over 150 articles strong, and an entire team committed to your success. Let’s take this journey together.

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