Why Multi-Factor Authentication Matters for Your MSP

BY IT GLUE | August 07, 2018

What’s your excuse? By that I mean, if you don’t have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) turned on in your organization, what are you waiting for?

You’ve seen the headlines. Every week there’s a new issue developing around security that stems anywhere from breaches to compliance demands. Security in itself has become one of the industry’s most popular and complex topics, and yet, many smaller MSPs are still slow to implement MFA in their company. In 2016 21% of small organizations still had no form of MFA in their organization, along with no plan for future implementation. With SMBs being a significant target for hackers, this number is far too large.

In light of this complexity, somehow the simple security best practices, like your password hygiene, get overlooked. You know how important password security is, but how often do you practice what you preach? Multi-Factor Authentication is a simple and straightforward solution that adds an extra level of security to your information. Let’s dive into it.

What is MFA?

First and foremost, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), often referred to as 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), is a method of authenticating a user that requires the use of more than one verification method. There are three components:

  • What you know – a username or password
  • What you have – a mobile device
  • What you are – a fingerprint scanner or similar

Why do you need MFA?

Consider the following questions within your own organization:

  • How do you store passwords in your OS?
  • Do you store credentials in a browser?
  • Do you store any passwords in un-encrypted text files, spreadsheets, or on Post-Its?
  • Do you use the same password in more than one core application?
  • Do you use a password manager, do you understand how it works and where the single point of failure is?
  • Does every password you use personally have appropriate complexity and life-cycle?
  • How many passwords have you sent by email or text message recently?
  • How much company data is stored on your personal mobile device?

How do you feel about your password security now? Implementing MFA offers your data a greater level of security – and one that you can no longer afford to go without.

You verify yourself all the time

Some consider that taking the extra step to sign in to your account an inconvenience. The reality is, you verify your identity all the time. Consider taking money out at the bank, not only do you need your bank card, but you also need to enter your pin number. Government ID cards are another example. Authenticating ourselves is often so second nature, but there would be huge implications if we didn’t have to do it. When it comes to implementing MFA, it’s the same thing – and it becomes second nature too.

The workspace is changing

No longer is your confidential information kept within the walls of your organization. How much work do you do on your mobile device? What about the rest of your team? Do you ever work from home? These changes in how and where private information is accessed plays a direct role in the security of your information. Using MFA ensures that regardless of where your team is accessing information, that information remains secure.

Using MFA in your IT Glue account

Enabling MFA for your IT Glue account adds an extra layer of security for both you, and your clients. Consider the amount of confidential information you store in your account. Can you really afford to not have the utmost security protecting it?

Wondering how you can enable MFA for your IT Glue account? We have an awesome Knowledge Base article here to tell you.

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