MSP Value Chain: The Ticket

BY IT GLUE | February 06, 2018

It can be hard to convey to people who haven’t seen IT Glue just how much it helps your business. We tell you about these high level numbers, like reducing time waste by 50% or more. You can play with the Cost of Waste Calculator to see what this means for your business.

But to truly visualize how these savings materialize is another matter altogether. Those who have IT Glue understand, but for those who don’t have IT Glue yet, we’ve put together a series to illustrate the different touch points IT Glue’s many features have on your daily workflow.

This is how IT Glue helps you create value through the different stages of your critical activities.

Let’s start with a basic ticket.

Generate tickets automatically

Where do tickets come from? Sometimes stuff breaks and your clients submit a ticket. But other tickets can be automated. Use IT Glue’s Workflows feature to set up automated ticket via webhooks for things like domain or SSL expiries. Not only does this eliminate a brutally boring manual process, but it removes the risk of missing an expiry. Our RMM and Warranty Master integrations will help you document all of your expiries automatically, too.

If the ticket comes in outside of office hours, and you have a GlueConnect partner, a lot of time they’ll be able to handle the ticket for you, if the information is documented in IT Glue. No overtime!

Identify assets

So a Tier 1 grabs the ticket and identifies the problem. They search in IT Glue, and identify the different core and flexible assets that pertain to the issue. They then look up the different SOPs for handling the ticket. IT Glue also provides a template library for building out your SOPs, along with Word and LucidChart importation, so it’s easy to document all this.

Fully documented SOPs

Now your Tier 1 has the asset information, passwords and SOP to solve the ticket. How long would it take without IT Glue to get all that information together? That depends on the state of your documentation. IT Glue provides you with a Documentation Completion dashboard, and our Engagement feature will encourage your techs to document as much as possible. You have oversight into all of this.

Also, because documenting in IT Glue is so easy, your techs are more likely to do it even without incentive. BrightGauge and CrewHu have built integrations with IT Glue to provide incentive and oversight as well.

Escalation #1

Now let’s say the ticket needs to be escalated. Your Tier 2 is going to be able to go through much the same process of dealing with the ticket. One of the keys to how IT Glue saves you so much time is the Relationship Mapping feature.

Creating related items in IT Glue is as easy as typing “@”, and once you’ve built out the relationships between assets, users and locations, finding the information you need is even easier. If you need to go on-site, the IT Glue mobile app can be a big help, too.

Escalation #2 – now it’s serious

Should the ticket require further escalation, to your Tier 3, we’ve got your back. Document your vendor details in IT Glue so you can get hold of the right person to help you with minimal delay. We’ve got a public API if you need to build a solution, too. And our PSA integrations allow you to track all of this work, so you can be sure to get the billing right, especially for complex issues that require extensive work.

So you can see, that’s a lot of areas where IT Glue helps save you time and effort. You save time on each ticket, and that is multiplied over the number of tickets you do each month.

This isn’t the only way we save you time, either. Next week, we’ll show you how IT Glue saves time on project-based work, and we’ll follow that with an overview of how IT Glue saves money over the entire customer life cycle.

How does IT Glue save you money?

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