MSP Marketing: 3 Easy Steps

BY IT GLUE | November 02, 2021

Marketing is at the core of all business organizations since it helps sell their products or services to potential customers. This applies to MSPs as well. Without proper MSP marketing strategies, you cannot find new customers and grow your business.

Although the managed services industry is witnessing solid growth due to accelerated digital trends, many MSPs are falling short of their growth potential due to poor marketing efforts. According to a recent survey by MSP360, 50.6% of MSPs find getting new clients the most challenging aspect of their business.

The ultimate aim of MSP marketing isn’t just about expanding the customer base but rather hitting the MRR target. This can happen only if you manage to attract valuable clients who can benefit from your solutions.

This blog will highlight a 3-step marketing strategy that MSPs can follow to make their first impression in front of the decision-makers, right when they are ready to switch.

1. Identify Your Customer

Marketing is all about attracting the right customers who can benefit from your services. You need to start by identifying the job titles and roles of people who will be involved in the buying process. Based on this, you need to create an ideal customer profile defined by job role, income, seniority, location, etc. While searching for target customers, you don’t always have to wait for the perfect customer who checks all the boxes in your ideal customer profile. Doing so could cost you a lot of great opportunities in the market.

Instead, you need to study the market and determine the pain points of your potential customers. This information must be documented so that you can create market campaigns aimed at solving these issues. In addition to their pain points, you need to research your buyers’ spending habits, current solutions, etc. Once you have collected this information in a detailed manner, you can leverage it for your MSP marketing initiatives.

2. Create Website Content and Marketing Campaigns

The most obvious reason to create high-quality content is that customers appreciate it. With top-quality content, you can position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. The perception of your potential customers matters a lot when it comes to influencing their buying decisions. The content you create provides a great way to showcase your expertise.

This part of your marketing efforts should focus more on making your buyers’ journey informative. Before you making any marketing initiatives, you need to populate your website with relevant content. You need to diversify your content to cover all bases and clearly describe the services you offer. Also, make sure you have your LinkedIn profile in place along with your email database. Your website should have the right CTAs to ensure potential customers can reach out to you easily.

3. Deploy, Measure, Optimize

Once you have your content in place, it is time to launch your marketing campaigns. You can use multiple channels like emails, social media, targeted ads, etc., to reach out to your potential customers. When creating campaigns, it is better to use templates and checklists to help your customer understand your value proposition better.

While creating marketing campaigns is critical, it is even more important to measure your success and make incremental tweaks to perfect your marketing game. Regularly conducting A/B tests and documenting the results will help you nail down what strategies are working and what aren’t. By gaining consistent insights from your MSP marketing campaigns, you can fine-tune them further and target your potential customers the right way.

How IT Glue Can Help

Documentation plays a crucial role in all your marketing efforts. When your IT documentation is in good shape, it frees up time that can then be utilized towards bringing your marketing A-game. With IT Glue, you can automate your documentation and always keep it up to date. You can also easily create templates, SOPs, checklists and other marketing documents and share them with your team members.

IT Glue has a comprehensive activity log so that you know which employee has access to certain documents. It provides an Information library and a knowledge base to provide you with easy access to information.

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