Microsoft Integration: Documentation for Azure AD, Active Directory, Intune and Microsoft 365

BY IT GLUE | February 23, 2024

Microsoft is one of the most popular solutions used worldwide. Connecting Microsoft solutions to a centralized IT Documentation solution allows you to gain visibility into all assets and users that are part of your Microsoft 365, Intune, Active Directory and Azure AD tenant.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different Microsoft integrations available in IT Glue and how you can leverage them to generate a single source of truth.

What is Microsoft integration?

While most organizations have a diverse range of mission-critical applications in their IT environments, one of the biggest challenges they face is bringing the information stored in multiple apps under a consolidated and unified view. This challenge can be overcome with an IT documentation solution that integrates with tools you already use to simplify and amplify the efficiency of information and data extraction.

Considering the ubiquity of Microsoft 365 tools in today’s business organizations, you need an IT documentation solution that can integrate with multiple Microsoft solutions and bring all your Microsoft data to a centralized platform that is easy to access and understand. Not only do you need to consolidate, but you also have to structure the information to understand the data.

Why is Microsoft integration important for organizations?

Many MSPs and IT teams depend on Microsoft solutions for their day-to-day operations. Microsoft offers many solutions for mission-critical tasks in the cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments. If an organization cannot integrate its IT documentation with Microsoft and bring Microsoft data under a centralized platform, this could severely affect its growth.

Microsoft solutions have specific purposes in an organization, from identity and access management to providing mobility management. Microsoft also offers many productivity apps that are widely used across the world. Despite offering many solutions, Microsoft does not have a consolidated view of all your data in a centralized platform. 

Microsoft integration helps you understand your Microsoft environment as a whole. By seamlessly integrating with leading business applications like Microsoft, you can supercharge your IT documentation, including asset, license and user management.

Microsoft data integration

Now that we have established the significance of bringing together Microsoft data in centralized IT documentation, it is time to explore how you can achieve that. You need a documentation solution like IT Glue to integrate multiple solutions and bring information together.

Connecting multiple Microsoft solutions into a centralized IT documentation platform like IT Glue enables a seamless flow of information automatically and accurately to supercharge your asset, license and user management. Since the information flow is automated, it stays updated at any given time.

IT Glue comes with templates that make Microsoft documentation a breeze. These templates are deliberately designed to make users understand the documented information easily. Most importantly, these templates bring structure to your otherwise cluttered documentation and make your Microsoft data easy to understand. When paired with integrations, you get one structured, consolidated and automated IT documentation.

Here’s a list of documentation items you can view in IT Glue through Microsoft integration.

Azure AD documentation

Azure AD is a Microsoft identity and access management solution that simplifies various validation processes, including single sign-on, MFA, conditional access and more. Since access management is critical to today’s cybersecurity infrastructure, Azure AD documentation is vital for MSPs and internal IT teams.

With IT Glue, you can now view Azure AD information under one roof and get a consolidated view of your IT environment. You can leverage information, such as status, last login, last password reset and password expiration, from Azure AD and Active Directory to enforce your company’s security and compliance policies.

Active Directory documentation

Active Directory allows organizations to manage various infrastructure components and systems with one identity per user. Active Directory forms the basis of many components like NPS, VPN access, DNS and more. Since it is central to so many systems in an IT infrastructure, the information documented here must be accurate, consistent and up to date.

Intune documentation

Intune is a mobile device management solution from Microsoft. It provides information to the identity system on device states during the authentication process. IT Glue’s integration with Intune allows organizations to pull their mobile device data into a consolidated platform, where they can combine other integrations like ServiceNow, Jamf and many other leading business applications to view a consolidated view of all details of the assets managed.

IT Glue also enables you to automate the Intune documentation to pull in information such as device name, model, serial no, compliance status and owner type.

Microsoft 365 documentation

Microsoft 365 is a suite of productivity solutions that help you create, edit, review and share information on the go. Businesses of all sizes use a range of Microsoft 365 solutions for their everyday business operations.

You can also leverage the Microsoft 365 integration to add additional information about your users to consolidate all the critical information from Active Directory and Azure as well, including mailbox sizes.

By leveraging the Microsoft 365 integration, you can pull in Microsoft 365 license information, including active, consumed and unused. This information helps you monitor your licenses and avoid overspending on unnecessary or unused licenses. As a result, you can ensure the optimal utilization of resources in your environment.

Automate Microsoft data integration with IT Glue

IT Glue integration with Microsoft’s suite of products is all about providing you with a consolidated view and ensuring smooth operations. This also helps improve visibility into your IT infrastructure and make knowledge-based decisions on critical factors. You can set up Microsoft integrations in just a few minutes. You can check out our knowledge base for step-by-step guides on various integrations.

In addition to Microsoft integrations, IT Glue has dozens of integrations, an open API and an automated network
discovery tool. You can leverage these integrations to boost efficiency in your process, eliminate human errors and take your documentation to the next level.

In IT Glue, you can also link related items together so that there are zero degrees of separation. This helps you combine various parts of the information, how-tos, passwords and more to completely understand your IT.

To learn more about how you can make the most of IT Glue integrations, request a demo.

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