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BY IT GLUE | November 02, 2016

The IT Glue™ Library is a resource for MSPs to learn about industry best practices. Today, we will talk about continual service improvement in your MSP.

During the quarterly review, some of your team members are sharing that they are unhappy with the changes being made in the organization. You and your management team feel that your organization should adopt a system to allow anyone to suggest improvements and see them through end to end, but what is the best way to go about this?

In these excerpts, we discuss ways in which you can encourage your team to provide feedback that contributes to the improvement of service.

Continual service improvement (CSI) is a metrics-driven approach to identifying opportunities for improvement and to measure the impact of improvement efforts. This means paying attention to what’s working and what could work better. It is an ongoing activity and benefits from a culture of continuous improvement.

As you build your team and you aim for more efficiency in your MSP, consider what it takes for them to measure their activities and display their improvements, e.g., health checks, benchmarking, audits. It is a continuous process, not just a single project at a time, to get the best ROI on each operation.

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