Leap Day! or What You Can Do with 24 Extra Hours

BY IT GLUE | February 21, 2020

Since its inception, IT Glue has saved its partners somewhere north of 75 million hours of wasted time looking for information. It’s a staggering figure, and indicates how much room there was for structured, centralized documentation to transform an industry. MSPs that used to spend their time fighting fires now spend their time growing their businesses, and as a result the average MSP has a five-year CAGR in double digits. Small businesses need MSPs, and you’re making sure that you have the capacity to help them.

And this year, you have an extra day to do so. Ok, that’s also an extra day you have to service clients in the month, without getting any extra revenue for that month, but you were always getting a deal in February and you still are. So think of your extra day as one more day in 2020 that you can use to help grow your business.

If you’re keen to work on a February 29th, why not throw a documentation party? Get some pizzas, refreshments of your choice (protip: non-alcoholic beverages usually result in better quality documentation), and bring your team in to make sure that your documentation is up to par. Start today by flagging key assets and documents to update. Maybe review some basic training on writing great process documents, and optimizing naming conventions.

If you’re not using Network Glue yet, you may wish to sign up for it, and within 24 hours you’ll have your network diagrams in order for all of your clients.

You don’t even need a documentation party to get value from 2020’s leap day. You can build your business knowledge by perusing some of our awesome webinar content (resources page link), or just go get entered to win an Amazon gift card by filling out the 2020 Global MSP Benchmark Survey.

Or, you can take those free 24 hours and do absolutely nothing. It is a Saturday after all, and it’s important to have a little fun every now and again.

But whatever you do, make sure you put this year’s bonus 24 hours to good use. Think about it. If getting one free day every four years is kind of awesome, how about getting several hours back every week? Seems pretty compelling to have more time to do site visits, quarterly business reviews, to network and to put in effort building a marketing engine for your MSP.

To help you out with that, we’re offering a pretty sweet deal on Network Glue and extra seats of IT Glue so that you can get more of your team helping out with documentation.

Once you’re in the best position possible you’ll get back much more than a free day, and you can really start to plan your growth trajectory.

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