Feature Release: Just-in-Time Provisioning for SSO

BY IT GLUE | December 20, 2018

Just in time for Christmas, we’re launching just-in-time provisioning for single sign-on (SSO). Now, when you sign up a new user with your SAML 2.0 SSO provider, an IT Glue user will be automatically created the first time they access IT Glue from their SSO application, saving you the time of creating that user manually.

Always Eliminate Waste

When you first sign up for IT Glue, and start your documentation journey, there’s a lot of big wins to be had, and massive efficiency gains. But once you get settled into your documentation rhythm, it’s tempting to think that there aren’t many efficiency gains to be had. But that is incorrect. There’s waste everywhere, and at IT Glue we are committed to eliminating time waste wherever it exists. Regularly eliminating small bits of waste here and there will add up over time to create a much leaner operation.

Streamline Onboarding with JIT Provisioning of IT Glue

In this case, we know that it can take in the range of 20-40 minutes to set up a new user when you bring someone new onto your team. By adding just-in-time provisioning to IT Glue, when you set up a new user via your SAML 2.0 provider, that user will automatically be set up in IT Glue the first time that they access IT Glue through their SSO application.

Just-in-time provisioning with SSO reduces administrative time setting up new users, and gets your team on IT Glue more quickly. This helps to simplify the process of onboarding new hires, as it is one less account you need to create (repeated over all the other apps that you provision with SSO).

Benefits of SSO

The biggest benefit of having your team utilize single sign-on (SSO) is security, in particular that they have to remember fewer passwords. But this also makes them more productive. Even when you have an application to help store passwords, they still need time to access them, and SSO eliminates that time. So not only is SSO more secure, but it streamlines your team members’ workflows. It might be a matter of seconds, but over dozens of apps, used daily, the time savings can add up. Furthermore, SSO helps drive adoption of company-approved apps, reducing shadow IT risk. Add in JIT provisioning and you have an elegant solution that enhances security and usability at the same time.

So, what are you going to do with those minutes we just gave you back in your life? Well, that’s up to you.

Getting Started

For a full walk-through of the process, complete with screenshots, check out our Knowledge Base article on the Setting up Just-in-Time Provisioning. And if you need to set up SAML SSO to get started, go here.


SSO is only available on Enterprise plans.

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