4 Reasons IT Glue is the Perfect Fit for Your MSP

BY IT GLUE | February 05, 2019

Why do you choose to do business with one company over another? It’s a pretty good question, one that cuts to the heart of your sales pitch. But for MSPs, this same question can apply to your choice of partners.

Leading documentation software

In the 2018 Global MSP Benchmark Survey, we found that around 40% of MSPs were considering changing a key element of their stack – PSA, RMM or BDR. We know that the biggest criteria for making such a decision is the quality of the software itself. The number one reason that IT Glue is the perfect fit for your MSP is that we have the best documentation software anywhere. We’ve been building IT Glue for fifteen years, and have a large engineering team that is working tirelessly to continue to enhance the product. We roll out multiple major new features every quarter, and hundreds of little tweaks, fixes and additions.

We are committed to your success

There’s ample research to suggest that values alignment is another reason why people choose to do business with their partners. So what do we stand for at IT Glue? We stand for MSPs. We come from an MSP background and have built our product with the sole mission of improving MSP efficiency. If you look at each feature release, you can see how we’re helping you shave time off of service delivery, while improving service quality simultaneously. We only succeed when you succeed, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Multiple tools to ensure your success

At IT Glue, we know the benefits our app offers you, but we want to do more than just hand you an incredible tool – we want to work with you to get the most out of it. Our Partner Success team is designed not just to assist in navigating any roadblocks you encounter, but to work alongside you to meet your goals. That’s why we created the IT Glue Academy as well. This self-guided learning system is aimed at both beginner and experienced IT Glue users so that they can be confident they’re using the app to its fullest capabilities. So whatever it might be, our team isn’t just here to onboard you, we’re here for the long haul.

Vendor agnostic

We are also committed to maintaining an open platform. We are fully aware that every MSP has different needs, so you’re going to use whatever PSA, RMM or BDR is best for your organization. IT Glue has always been committed to working across all vendor partners, and that commitment remains unchanged. We are deepening our integrations with all of the major PSA tools in the coming months. You can only be at your best when you have full flexibility over which tools you use, so our “Switzerland” approach isn’t going to change.

When you think about why IT Glue has been able to grow as quickly as it has, and establish our documentation platform as an industry standard, a must-have for any MSP, it’s not enough to say that we have the best documentation tool. It’s more than that. The secret lies in our commitment to you – the MSP. Everything we do is about giving you the tools you need to increase your revenue, improve your efficiency, and fuel growth. Are we trying to sell you software? Of course. But that’s because we wholeheartedly believe that our software will help you achieve your goals, whatever those might be.

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