Welcome to the March edition of IT Glue Under the Hood. If you haven’t heard, we’ve just put Vault into wide release. We took Vault into limited release late last year and we used the feedback from those early adopters to help refine the tool, and get it ready for wide release.

So what is Vault?

Vault is host-proof hosting, which means that passwords stored in Vault are subject to an additional layer of protection via an individual passphrase, rather than an organizational one. This passphrase will be encrypted and decrypted at the end point, and never sent to the IT Glue system.

The bottom line is that Vault gives you added confidence about your security; you don’t have to place trust in anyone other than yourself.

Vault is additional security on your most sensitive passwords but it’s worth noting that Vault is not intended to store your private personal passwords.

Vault is available for both IT Glue and MyGlue. While you’re here, why not take a look at our Under the Hood landing page, which has links to more new feature announcements from the past couple of months.

And if you haven’t got your tickets to GlueX yet, I highly recommend it. We’ve got Guy Kawasaki coming in to give his expertise about building a fanatic following for your business. Guy did it for Apple, and he can help do it for you.

If you’re new to IT Glue, we recommend taking a look at this little video to get a feel for what IT Glue can do for your business:

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