IT Glue integrates with LOGICnow MAX

BY IT GLUE | May 03, 2016

IT Glue™ announced an integration with LOGICnow’s MAX, a leading Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). This release provides immediate support for LOGICnow customers to leverage direct integration with IT Glue, with or without a PSA (Professional Service Automation) platform.

IT Glue + LOGICnow: A premium experience

LOGICnow provides Remote Network Monitoring software for over 10,000+ IT companies and MSPs worldwide. It helps delivers easy monitoring of networking equipment and connectivity.

“MAX RemoteManagement is a well-respected platform amongst leading MSPs, and we are thrilled to announce our integration to their platform,” said Chris Day, CEO of IT Glue. “With this new integration, our partners will be able to leverage the advantage of having their documentation tightly integrated with their device management platform.”

Features of the integration

The integration will provide LOGICnow customers with a number of benefits;

  • rich configurational data including; cpu, memory, disk usage, last reboot etc
  • near real-time information that’s always accurate
  • eliminates the need to enter configuration data manually, simply bulk create
  • minimize downtime by reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot problems
  • enhanced team performance by having even more data in one place
  • the option for multiple RMM sources/instances supported simultaneously

The RMM integration feature will be enabled on a rolling basis for existing partners, and for all new partners moving forward. Stay tuned as we are releasing additional capabilities to the integration in the coming months.

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