Vendor Consolidation and IT Glue’s Open Platform Commitment

BY IT GLUE | November 25, 2019

It seems like every couple of months there’s another announcement of an acquisition among vendors that serve the MSP space. Quite reasonably, there’s concern about what these changes mean for the industry. For the vendors, consolidation makes a lot of sense, but for MSPs any reduction in competition also means a reduction in choice. Many MSPs are wondering aloud what all these acquisitions mean. If a vendor is building a complete suite of products for IT service providers, will that lead to closed ecosystems? The short answer is no.

The view from inside the vendor space is that there’s a lot of value in retaining open platforms. For our part, IT Glue remains committed to maintaining an open platform. We believe that all IT service providers benefit from having access to the most comprehensive documentation system around. That documentation love we’ve been spreading for the past five years, we want to continue spreading for the next five years, and beyond.

To that end, we would like to reiterate our commitment to an open ecosystem. We started as an independent offering, and from the perspective of our partners, we remain as such, regardless of ownership. Our Open Platform Manifesto was published earlier this year, and nothing has changed since that time.

We love our ConnectWise partners, and they’ve played a huge role in our success as a company. We still have the best ConnectWise integration in the business, and we’re currently making a substantial investment to move from their SOAP API to REST. While we’re doing that, we’ll be adding new functionality to our CW integration. As long as ConnectWise remains committed to being an open platform, and they don’t prevent us from integrating, we will continue to invest in the ConnectWise community.

For that matter, we are also continuing to build out our Autotask integration as well. Our Autotask partners will have received communication about a new feature upcoming, and it’s worth letting the greater community know this as well, as it illustrates our open platform commitment.

We stand by the Open Platform Manifesto that we published earlier this year. IT Glue is here to deliver value to MSPs, and we can only do that by working with all the tools that MSPs use, no matter who owns those tools. Any vendor that’s focused on customers first will have the same approach.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Happy documenting.

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