IT Glue Launches New EU Cloud

BY IT GLUE | November 18, 2017

Big news on the data sovereignty front for our EU and UK partners! We are excited to announce the launch of our new EU Cloud. IT Glue™ now offers our partners the option of hosting data in our new Germany-based data centre. This means that EU- and UK-based MSPs can now enjoy data sovereignty, with your data stored in IT Glue never leaving European boundaries.

About the EU Cloud

Our new EU Cloud will be hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Frankfurt. If you are a new or existing IT Glue partner, you can choose from either a US or EU cloud to host your data.

What’s more, this new data centre allows EU-based providers to meet GDPR provisions with respect to third-country hosting prior to their coming into effect in May, 2018.

According to IT Glue CEO, Chris Day, “Having EU cloud storage for our European partners further strengthens IT Glue’s footprint as a global leader in the documentation market.” Day adds, “We put a lot of energy into bringing our EU Cloud to life with the highest level of security standards and I am thrilled to finally be offering it to our European partner base.”

IT Glue’s Managing Director, EMEA, Phil Sansom, sees the EU Cloud as an essential addition. “The EU Cloud is great news for our European MSP partners,” says Sansom. “Along with our rapidly expanding EMEA team, based in Reading, UK, the launch of our EU Cloud is a testament to our commitment to the success of our European partners.”


I’m not with IT Glue yet, but this changes things. To whom do I speak?

You may contact our UK office at +44 203 769 4300 or our head office in Vancouver at +1-844-235-GLUE [4583]. You can set up your account for the EU Cloud when you sign up.

I want to move my data to the Germany-based cloud. How do I do that?

Existing IT Glue partners who are interested in migrating their data to the new EU Cloud can schedule a data migration by contacting IT Glue’s Partner Support team. We will be contacting all of our EMEA partners when we are ready to begin the transfer process.

Are data transfers secure?

Absolutely. Our development team has placed special emphasis on building a secure transfer service to ensure full security compliance during the data migration.

I’m in Australia/New Zealand/South Africa/Canada – does this affect me?

All partners have the option of migrating to the EU Cloud. If this makes sense for you operationally, you are more than welcome to schedule a migration. Otherwise, nothing changes for you.

I’m in the US. Does this affect me?

Not really. Your data will continue to be hosted by Amazon Web Services in the US. You have the option of migrating to Europe, but it is unlikely that this would make sense for you.

Yes, sign me up for a demo!

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