IT Glue Hack Day 2.0

BY IT GLUE | April 19, 2017

What happens when you get great minds together, with a little time pressure and fun? Well, fun is a core value at IT Glue™, and with that in mind on April 6th, IT Glue held the second of its quarterly Hack Days.

Following up on the success of last year’s Ship It! Day, we ran another Hack Day, getting four teams together to cut loose and express their creativity. The company’s developers and designers got together to roll up their sleeves, and create.

Before long, teams were formed and ideas started to flow. The crack squads worked deep into the night on Thursday, and had the work day on Friday as well, to polish, test and “ship” their product. The entire GlueCrew gathered in our main square at the end of the day Friday to watch each team present its work.


Each of the four teams offered a unique innovation. One was a script to help load apps onto a computer more quickly. Another was an API demo for the sales team. There was LooQ, an app that addresses a pain point at our growing office by sending an alert on Slack when the washroom is free. We even saw a secret project that might make its way into production.

The fact that all of the ideas can be implemented either in our product or in our office shows the creative approach our team takes to problem-solving. Everybody that works on our Development team runs with challenges, comes up with amazing solutions, and brings those ideas to life.

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