IT Glue and Datto: Unleashing Your Wasted Potential

BY IT GLUE | September 23, 2016

IT Glue™ and Datto recently conducted a webinar on “Unleashing your Wasted Potential.” In this webinar, Chris Day, the CEO of IT Glue, discusses how to reduce waste in your MSP. The average IT worker loses 20% of their time looking for information. But there are ways to eliminate this waste, and to do so would boost your margins and free up resources for revenue-generating tasks. Find out what we mean by Freeing Minds™.

Organizational waste and lack of productivity are an epidemic that is undermining your business. To succeed in today’s competitive environment, it is important to find ways to reduce this waste. How do you effectively reduce waste in an organization? How do you create a sustainable infrastructure to stay ahead of the competition?

With a collective partner base of thousands of MSPs worldwide, Datto and IT Glue come together to share their knowledge about improving productivity.

Eric Torres, Channel Development Manager at Datto, reviewed the new announcements made by Datto over the past few months, including enhancements to the Partner Portal centered around the labor cost of managing your Datto fleet.

Efficiency expert Chris Day, the founder of IT Glue, spoke about the sources of waste in your MSP, and the ways in which you can eliminate this needless productivity drag.

IT Glue has also provided an e-book to complement this webinar, which will focus on the Five Steps to Avoid Waste in your MSP:

  1. Information Accessibility
  2. Standardization process
  3. Reducing onboarding time
  4. Sustainable infrastructure
  5. Continuous improvement


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