IT Glue Announces Continuum Integration

BY IT GLUE | September 29, 2016

It is with great excitement that IT Glue™ announces our integration with Continuum® RMM. This integration will allow partners to import and sync the device information available in Continuum directly into IT Glue, and use this to easily start accurately documenting their clients’ environments.

What does this mean?

It means that documentation just got easier. IT Glue’s award-winning documentation platform, integrated with Continuum’s RMM, will automatically bring device information into the documentation platform. There is no need to enter configuration data or managed device information manually; you can automatically sync this data such as CPU, memory, disk usage and last reboot directly from Continuum. You will have near real-time information that is always accurate.

In IT Glue, with Continuum you can load information about your clients’ fixed assets. You can create a knowledge base of articles, processes and support manuals. There are multiple security options including multi-factor authentication and granular permissions. And with IT Glue’s powerful search, your techs can instantly find what they’re looking for, reducing the time it takes to troubleshoot problems.

A stronger partnership

IT Glue CEO, Chris Day, had this to say about the integration with Continuum: “IT Glue and Continuum have hundreds of mutual partners, and they’ve been requesting this. Integration between IT Glue and Continuum is going to save our partners a lot of time.”

Brian Herr, VP of Products at Continuum, sees this integration as offering tremendous benefit to his partners as well. “IT Glue is used by many of our MSP partners to create documentation that consolidates IT details for each client. The Continuum-IT Glue integration aligns with our goal to streamline and increase efficiency as best as possible for our partners. We look forward to a strong relationship with IT Glue as we continue to evolve both our products and services.”

But don’t just take our word for it

MSPs are also looking forward to this integration. Here’s what just a few had to say:

If you are using IT Glue and Continuum, especially without a PSA integration, this integration offers you the missing piece. Being able to throw a Continuum agent on a server or desktop and have it just show up in IT Glue ready to be referenced is surreal. The difference is night and day in how fast a client can be on-boarded. We went from taking nearly a week of work for some large clients down to less than 48 hours.

Caleb Albers, Keystone Technologies 

During testing of the new Continuum-IT Glue integration, we found the setup process to be very smooth, taking less than 10 minutes, and the interface is simple and intuitive.

Jamie Crawford, Rouse Consulting Group

We are excited about the integration between these two powerful platforms, and looking forward to the efficiency this will provide our teams. Having crucial data at our fingertips means being able to service our clients even better than before, and additions like this reaffirm that moving to IT Glue was the right choice for us.

Valerie Quevedo, LA IT Girl

About Continuum

Continuum is one of the largest RMMs in the world, servicing over 5800 MSPs.  IT Glue is a platinum sponsor of Navigate 2016, which takes places September 28-30 in Boston. Drop by our booth and find out more about the integration. We look forward to seeing you!

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