IT Glue’s ConnectWise Integration Upgrade

BY IT GLUE | January 02, 2020

ConnectWise Manage was the very first integration for IT Glue, right at launch, and ever since we’ve maintained a close relationship with the ConnectWise community. Today we’re announcing that we have deepened that relationship with a significant upgrade to the API that we use to run the 2-way sync of data between CW Manage and IT Glue.

When the integration was first built, it was constructed on the SOAP standard, and for a few reasons we’ve migrated the integration to the REST standard. One of the biggest reasons is that REST is more flexible in terms of being able to add new functionality. In short, changes and updates are easier with REST.

There are some things that our ConnectWise user base has wanted to add to the integration for a while, and this move will allow those changes to happen, and future changes to happen more quickly. We see this as an investment in our commitment to the ConnectWise community, and as part of ConnectWise’s commitment to remaining an open platform for the benefit of their partners. As we continue to invest in our CW partnership, we believe that such cooperation will benefit all MSPs by allowing them to retain the flexibility to use the tools that they feel work best for them.

The move from SOAP to REST took a lot of effort, and we know this effort will be worth it because of what we can build next. Keep on the lookout for some cool new things in 2020.

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