IT Glue Announces Integration with Pulseway PSA

BY IT GLUE | January 05, 2018

IT Glue is pleased to announce integration with Pulseway PSA. This integration comes quickly on the heels of our integration with Pulseway RMM in November. For fans of Pulseway’s mobile-first MSP solutions, this stands as pretty big news. There’s a lot to like about this integration, especially in terms of removing a lot of time-consuming manual entry and increasing overall team efficiency. Ultimately, this frees up time for your team to focus on bigger and better things.

About the Integration

Integration with Pulseway PSA will allow you to sync information from Pulseway into IT Glue, eliminating what until now has been a manual task. By automating this flow of information, changes in Pulseway PSA will be reflected in IT Glue without any further effort on your part. The integration will increase team efficiency by freeing up more of your valuable time to perform other tasks, and eliminating the need to constantly toggle back and forth between IT Glue and Pulseway PSA.

A wide range of information will be updated automatically as the result of this integration:

  • Accounts
  • Assets
  • Contacts
  • Locations

Furthermore, admins will be able to manage the different types of synced items, such as account types and statuses, and asset types and statuses. You will also be able to execute a manual sync to happen as soon as possible, or disable the sync of individual records.

As always, this integration is available to all partners on all plans. Pulseway PSA counts as a data source.

For further details on how to set up the integration, consult the IT Glue Knowledge Base.

If you use Pulseway and are not yet an IT Glue partner, set up a demo and see what IT Glue can do for your MSP.

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