Join us at the Inaugural GlueCon!

BY IT GLUE | January 24, 2018

Announcing the first ever GlueCon! IT Glue is excited to bring you two days of inspiration, motivation and thought leadership from the channel’s best. Join us in Phoenix this September!

GlueCon is a truly unique event, unlike anything else in the channel. We’re bringing the channel’s most innovative thinkers together in one place to share their insights, experiences and lessons with MSPs from around the world in a series of talks and workshops.

No lame sales pitches, no nonsense. Just high-value, genuine knowledge from the best of the best in the industry in a luxurious setting.

Join us in Phoenix, AZ from September 16-18, 2018!

You don’t have to be an IT Glue partner to attend, just an MSP committed to being the best.

Sign up to GlueCon’s VIP list now to be the first in line for details when they’re announced. As a teaser, we’ll tell you that IT Glue CEO Chris Day, Steve Lewis, and Gary Pica will all be there. Chris will share his insights about the MSP business in a powerful keynote.

Chris Day
IT Glue
Steve Lewis
Sr. Client Advisor, Service Leadership
(Former CEO, All Covered)
Gary Pica

Steve Lewis, Senior Client Advisor at Service Leadership, will be there. Steve is the former CEO of many high profile MSPs including All Covered, which he grew to become the largest MSP in the US. He is also a recognized expert on mergers & acquisitions within the channel.

Gary Pica built a multi-million dollar MSP before launching TruMethods to help other MSPs experience powerful growth.

You owe it to yourself and your business to be at GlueCon.

Join the Gluecon VIP List!

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