New Integration: BVoiP 1Stream

BY IT GLUE | April 20, 2020

IT Glue has more integrations than any other documentation platform on the market. The goal is to automate your documentation and streamline your technicians’ workflows as much as possible. With our commitment to vendor neutrality, not only do we invest massively in bringing you more integrations, we also have an open API that can help bridge the gap between our platform and other third party tools. Not only do IT Glue partners utilize the API to create automated scripts (protip: check out the IT Glue Git Repository), but many vendors in the MSP space also utilize our open API to provide new functionalities for our partner base, and BVoIP just developed an integration that you should know about.

With this integration, BVoIP’s 1Stream platform will recognize a known phone number, automatically match it to the corresponding organization in your IT Glue account, and automatically bring up the IT Glue Organization page where you can quickly navigate to the client’s documentation, passwords, assets, and many more.

This integration not only saves your helpdesk and technicians the time of having to manually search and pull up the organization in IT Glue, but also sets them up to provide the highest level of service to clients. In essence, giving you a springboard to successfully tackle whatever comes your way.

If you’re using BVoiP Cloud PBX/VoIP solution, 1Stream integration and IT Glue already, you can set up the integration following the steps outlined here.

IT Glue is all about saving time and working smarter. If you haven’t found out about how our IT documentation platform helps countless professionals manage the massive amounts of information involved with taking care of IT infrastructure, take a quick peek at our demo vid!

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