The Importance of Female Leadership in Your MSP

BY IT GLUE | September 04, 2018

What percent of your MSP is female? How about those in leadership positions at your MSP? Despite what we know about the importance of gender diversity in the workplace, the numbers are typically still quite low.

Recent studies state companies with strong female leadership see a 36% higher return on equity than those without, yet only 3.6% of organizations in the channel are spearheaded by women. So how can you leverage female leadership in your MSP, and why is it so important? Let’s dive into it.

Diversity in the workplace

The more diverse the workplace, the more different ideas can come together to fuel growth and success throughout the organization. In fact, organizations with higher levels of gender diversity are proven to consistently outperform those with less gender diversity, on the basis that different perspectives will lead to better decision making.

Organizations with less diversity risk not having a variety of perspectives that can come together to shape future decisions. When it comes down to it, it’s not simply a matter of men versus women in leadership roles, it’s a matter of having a combination of both throughout the entire organization. A related article states, “A single female CEO doesn’t perform better than her male counterpart when controlling for gender in the rest of the company, but a higher rate of diversity throughout the organization, has an impact.” The more businesses can focus on attracting diverse talent, the more likely they are to increase their performance.

Characteristics of female leaders

Female leadership isn’t just for females. In fact, both men and women suggest having female leadership in their organization leads to creating a more positive work environment all around. It comes down to some innate characteristics of many female leaders, which include traits like empathy, allowing leaders to be more in sync with their team. While at one point empathy was misunderstood as a weaker trait, it’s now one that has become an important focus for many Fortune 1000 companies, regardless of the gender of the leaders.

Paving the way

A lack of diversity in your organization also means the potential for a lack of role models for new employees, and those looking to grow within the company. Females working in a predominantly male company could lead to developing feelings of isolation, which could inhibit their growth.

An increase of women in the technology sector is also a strong step towards the elimination of brogrammer culture, a culture that has long since existed due to tech historically being a predominantly male field. As this culture is reduced, more women are likely to be attracted to roles that they may have otherwise not seen as a healthy opportunity or possibility. This in turn is a great way to alleviate the persistent industry problem of talent shortages. As more women train for tech roles, they are going to choose to work in the healthiest environments. Attract more talent by attracting diverse talent.

The Amazons

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