How Your Infrastructure and Work Culture Can Help Scale Effectively

BY IT GLUE | September 17, 2021

A great infrastructure offers more than just a better workplace. For organizations, it is tied directly to their profitability and growth. When scaling your business, you need a culturally aligned workforce with better engagement and higher productivity. Research shows that positive work culture can drive employee engagement by up to 30%. It’s no wonder that culturally aligned workplaces are easier to scale.

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of infrastructure and culture on your MSP growth. We’ll also discuss the different steps you can take to enhance the work culture in your organization.

The Need for Healthy Infrastructure and Work Culture

Work culture is tied directly to your organization’s success. With a positive work culture, you can motivate your employees to do better. When employees are engaged, they deliver higher productivity and come up with innovative ideas that can take your MSP forward. However, a negative work culture results in disengaged employees who only do the bare minimum without putting in any extra effort.

Your infrastructure also plays a major role in driving organizational performance. The systems, programs, policies and processes you create in your organization have to be executed efficiently every day. Unless they all complement each other, it will result in utter chaos. Most importantly, your infrastructure provides the parameters by which your managers lead and your employees work. That’s why you need to create an infrastructure that transforms your business goals into action.

Steps to Enhance Your Infrastructure and Work Culture

Powerful work culture isn’t something that happens by chance. It should be thoughtfully planned and executed by the concerned stakeholders. When you purposefully develop and implement your infrastructure and organizational culture the right way, you can boost employee retention, reduce turnover, boost efficiency, increase growth and more.

The following steps can help you create a powerful work culture:

  • Invest in the Right Technology: The technicians in your MSP need the right tools to perform their tasks and achieve the desired results. When they are left with legacy tools to perform complex tasks, it leads to inefficiency and low productivity. It also causes employee frustration and contributes to poor work culture. Always update your tools and make sure they can be easily integrated with one another.
  • Promote Team Collaboration: A study by McKinsey estimated that work collaboration can increase productivity by up to 25%. You need to come up with innovative ways to boost collaboration even when your team is scattered across the globe. For instance, a simple documentation tool can facilitate easy information sharing and boost collaboration across your team.
  • Create a Vision: Your employees need to take pride in their work. Otherwise, they will start questioning the purpose of their work, and this leads to dissatisfaction. You need to create a vision that clarifies your business objectives. Let your employees know what they are working for, how they have helped other companies and why their work matters. By constantly reminding them about your business goals, you can create an organization where employees are aware of their significance.
  • Reward Hardworking Employees: There is nothing more frustrating than hard work going unappreciated. When you fail to reward hard work, your employees’ productivity suffers, and this affects your business in the long run. You need to create a culture where hard work is always rewarded. You could offer bonuses, extra vacation days, pay rises, etc., to let your employees know they matter. Also, try to get creative when rewarding your employees.

Benefits of a Positive Work Culture

A positive work culture can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. It helps you create a holistic organization that is reward-centered and communicative. Some of the key benefits of positive work culture are as follows.

  • Higher Retention: Finding the right talent is very hard in the MSP industry. You don’t want to lose your existing talent due to poor work culture. A positive work culture that provides the right work-life balance and focuses on employee well-being can help you retain your best talent.
  • Boost Productivity: When employees feel their work matters, their overall productivity increases automatically. Employees who are valued at work are often ready to go the extra mile when it comes to job performance.
  • Business Growth and Profitability: Companies that value their people are always rewarded at the end. When you take care of your employees, they take care of your customers, and this enables you to achieve business growth and profitability. Creating a positive work culture may take some effort, but it always results in a great financial outcome.

Building the Right Infrastructure With IT Glue

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