How We Use IT Glue at IT Glue, part 1

BY IT GLUE | December 01, 2017

Know this: Every single employee of IT Glue uses IT Glue.

When I applied for my job writing at IT Glue, I was asked to send in a writing sample, but they also asked me to send in a paragraph explaining my process.

I was like “Process? What process? I flip open my laptop, crack my knuckles and start mashing keys ‘til something good comes out.”

But as it turns out, every employee at IT Glue has to become a master of process. It’s part of the job. And so is using IT Glue to document those processes.It didn’t take long to figure out that there’s a lot of good reasons why marketing, HR, finance, development and every other department should be using IT Glue. Here’s why:


The first reason is because you break down information silos. When information is locked inside someone’s head, that information is of no particular value to anybody else. If you’re away, or leave the company, or even if just nobody knows that you have that information, then the company loses that information. By documenting critical knowledge, everyone benefits. The information that the company needs to function properly stays within the company. It can be transferred to others, and nobody has to waste time looking for it, because it’s in IT Glue, easy to find with a simple search.


It seems strange in a small company to document SOPs for things that only one person does. But roles evolve. Jobs split. We brought in a couple of co-op students last summer and had to get them functional in a hurry. There is always a need for someone to learn, quickly, how to do something. We have all the important SOPs in IT Glue, and as a result we can bring in anybody halfway functional to do a job, and know if they follow the SOP, they can perform a new task quickly and accurately.

Passwords and Security

Some passwords are team-based rather than individual. I’ll use the example of Twitter. I am the main Twitter person here. But the Events team tweets from the road all the time. And the UK office has their marketing person who tweets. People tweet us with questions, so Partner Success needs to be able to respond. So a lot of people need access to that password. Yet, whenever someone who had access leaves, we need to change the password.

Because the password is stored in IT Glue, everybody who needs access has it, instantly, because the new password is generated in IT Glue and then changed in Twitter. There is no need to email the new password to anybody, or anything else that might compromise security, because it’s all in IT Glue.

Furthermore, when your company’s important information is stored in IT Glue, it can be protected with MFA, whereas if the same information is stored on random individual devices, you can not be assured of the same security.


When all of your employees are empowered to find information for themselves in IT Glue, your team wastes less time. Instead of constantly asking senior personnel questions, using two people’s time, junior staff can self-serve, and find information quickly, resulting in a lot less time waste.

Next week, we’ll run through some of the uses that our HR and Admin department has – IT Glue is an especially powerful tool for this team.

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