You have found a great IT documentation system that will boost efficiency in your organization, save your company money and promote growth. However, buying it is not entirely up to you. If you are an IT manager, you probably have to get approval from the higher-ups in your department or the company management when dealing with a major purchase decision.

In this blog, we shall discuss how you can build a business case for a new IT documentation system and improve the chances of adding a new tool to your tech stack.

Use the advocacy approach

While convincing your higher-ups about a new software tool might sound a lot like sales, you don’t have to become a salesperson to get it done. Instead, try using the advocacy approach. Here, you are advocating for something that genuinely makes your life easy rather than convincing someone to buy a product.

When you are seeking purchase approval from higher up the organization, make sure you communicate the benefits you will receive from it. Advocate your need for free time and peace of mind when dealing with multiple tasks. Talk about how a documentation solution can make life easier for you by boosting efficiency and allowing you to focus on other core tasks.

Explain the concept

Sometimes, explaining the concept could be all it takes to get approval for your IT documentation system. Depending upon the person in charge of the approval, you may or may not have to explain the concept for IT documentation. If you are dealing with a CTO or a technology head, you may not have to explain what IT documentation is. However, if you are dealing with a finance head or an operations manager, they may require a bit more explanation to understand the concept, let alone the benefits.

Here, you need to explain why it is not a good idea to have business-critical information spread across multiple pieces of software, personal notes, people’s brains, etc. A documentation tool can bring all business information together in one centralized solution. Smart documentation can also bring structure and consistency to the way you store information in your IT infrastructure.

Communicate the value

The advocacy approach can certainly convince your business leaders about the importance of a documentation solution to you. However, in many cases, it comes down to the value it adds to the company. So, be prepared to communicate the value of the product to your leaders.

Business leaders often think in terms of ROI, and it is important to explain how much money they can save with an IT documentation solution. For instance, most knowledge workers waste at least 20% of their time just searching for information. Most companies have a pretty good idea of the consequences of losing valuable time. IT documentation can help you avoid all that.

You need to make a case for how IT documentation improves technician efficiency and allows them to focus on core tasks that generate revenue. Talk to your business leaders about how information sprawl can affect productivity in your organization and how IT documentation can eliminate information sprawl.

IT documentation is essential if you wish to prevent downtime caused by cybersecurity threats and compliance issues. Explain the costs you are likely to save just by preventing downtime in your organization. All this adds up to making a solid case for ROI.

Powerful IT documentation with IT Glue

When it comes to making a business case for an IT documentation system, you need a robust and powerful tool that can meet your evolving IT requirements. IT Glue is an award-winning IT documentation tool that comes packed with innovative features.

IT Glue’s SOC 2-compliant documentation platform features an immutable audit trail, multifactor authentication and a next-generation password management engine. These features are fully integrated and linked with all your documentation. It is easy to make a business case for a robust tool like IT Glue, and it can serve as a great addition to your tech stack.

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