Feature Release: Group Permissions

BY IT GLUE | September 26, 2016

IT Glue™ is proud to announce the release of the group permissions feature. This feature allows users to grant permissions to entire organizations with a group, rather than having to add permissions to each user individually.

Grant permissions by organizations, rather than individually

This feature makes it easier to grant permissions, saving you time by granting large blocks of users permissions at once. Managing your team is even easier than before. Simply make changes to organizational access at the group level, and provide all members of that group with access to the same organizations.

You can divide your team into groups, and set permissions to give them access to each organization at a group level. For example, say you want only your senior techs to service a particular high-value customer this function will make it easy to set that at a group level, rather than at the individual tech level.

The group permissions feature is available immediately to all IT Glue partners.

For more information on how to use the feature, check out our Knowledge Base.

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