GlueX 2021 Feature Releases

BY IT GLUE | May 05, 2021

Our GlueX Product Update is an event that IT Glue partners look forward to every year to find out what new features are coming their way. And boy did we deliver this year! As the IT industry recovers from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, these goodies couldn’t have come at a better time. Existing IT Glue users can review our release notes here. Now, let’s go through a quick rundown of all the new features and how you can benefit from them.


Let’s start with integrations, which play a key role in ensuring that various MSP tools and applications seamlessly function together. With IT Glue being an open platform, we keep expanding our list of integrations with tools that MSPs and IT professionals use so as to benefit our users. This year, we’ve added quite a few. Let’s check them out one by one.

  • ServiceNow – This is one of the biggest additions to IT Glue this year. Similar to other PSA integrations, this integration enables one-way syncing of assets from ServiceNow ITSM into IT Glue.
  • Kaseya Compliance Manager – With this integration, you can now sell documentation through Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) and further monetize KCM. Inside the KCM portal, you can search for IT Glue documents and attach them as proof of compliance.
  • Domotz – This is one of the most requested integrations from our IT Glue partners. This integration works more like a symbiotic relationship, where you can either automatically or manually schedule the sync of data in addition to getting a two-way sync based on master records.
  • VSA 1-Click Access – Technicians can now log in to a remote Windows device and browse through applications on both Mac and Windows OS with 1-click access using IT Glue credentials. With this integration, your technicians will always have IT Glue passwords on hand when working with a remote machine. This simplifies the process when logging in to the Operating System, authenticating to cloud applications and much more.
  • Chatgenie – Chatgenie users can now seamlessly push data from ConnectWise Automate through IT Glue as messages to their chat platform.
  • ConnectWise Manage Integration Enhanced – It is now easier to integrate with ConnectWise Manage using our new “Sync Mode” option. Users can now easily pull Company Types from ConnectWise by specifying just the minimum set of Company Types.

MyGlue Interface Branding & Chrome Extension Password Auto Creation

MyGlue is your Collaboration-as-a-Service (CaaS) portal, creating a direct line for meaningful collaboration with clients.

Maintaining your brand across all interactions with your clients is key. We understand that and we are very excited to announce that you can now replace the MyGlue logo on the portal with your own custom MSP logo. Now, you can leverage the MyGlue platform to secure your clients’ digital footprint, collaborate with your clients and empower your clients with self-service, but with your own brand identity.

Many of your clients rely on MyGlue to store and access their business-related personal and team passwords. We just made it a lot easier for them with an update to the Chrome Extension. Your clients will be auto-prompted to save any newly created passwords on any webpages. This will significantly reduce the support tickets created for password resets. Learn more about MyGlue new features.

BMS Ticket Resolution Process in IT Glue

A typical ticket resolution process with a regular PSA is often complicated by extra logins, clicks, page navigations, etc., which are likely to affect a technician’s productivity and an MSP’s bottom line.

With the Kaseya BMS integration with IT Glue, you can now view, resolve and update IT tickets directly from within your IT Glue portal without having to switch between your PSA and documentation. All ticketing functions you can do with BMS can now be done within IT Glue. This helps technicians boost efficiency and lower resolution times.

We have added quite a few updates to further enhance this experience for you. Let’s take a look at them.

1. My Tickets View

The process begins with a technician picking up a ticket. The My Tickets view in IT Glue brings together the experience of My Tasks and the Ticket List View.

2. Ticket Tabs

By opening more than one tab at a time, you will be able to preserve their time tracking while multi-tasking or looking at ticket history. This helps you close tickets faster while capturing more of the time worked.

3. Inline Editing

This enables users to change values in a ticket without additional page navigation to classic edit mode. Since making changes to ticket metadata is now easier, it’s more likely to be accurate when it’s time for end-of-period reporting.

4. Affected Hardware

Brand new real estate has been afforded to hardware asset information. Our plan is to bring in information about the asset and its operating environment from across ITG, VSA and BMS.

Personal Business Passwords

So far, you’ve relied on IT Glue, a SOC 2-compliant tool, to securely store all of your team-based passwords. Now, you can store all your personal business passwords as well. This helps you protect your passwords from anyone, including your administrators. You can differentiate between personal and team-based business passwords with the help of an appealing UI implementation.

To view your personal passwords, simply go to the “my info” tab and all these passwords will be visible only to you.

Now that you’ve got a glimpse of all the new and amazing updates that are bound to make your workflow that much more efficient, you can explore them in depth at your own pace.

If you are new to IT Glue, you can explore the other features we’ve built into IT Glue since 2014 simply by requesting a demo.

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